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GHC Source Code Abbreviations

Certain abbreviations are used pervasively throughout the GHC source code. This page gives a partial list of them and their expansion:

See also: A similar list on the GHC Users' wiki.

  • "Occ" means "Occurrence"
    • However, in the context of OccName, "occurrence" actually means "classified (i.e. as a type name, value name, etc) but not qualified and not yet resolved"
  • "Rn" means "Renamer"
  • "Rts" means "Run Time System"
  • "Rdr" means "Parser" (or reader)
  • "Ds" means "Desugarer"
  • "Tc" means "TypeCheck{ing,er}"
  • "Ty" means "Type"
  • "Lcl" means "Local"
  • "Gbl" means "Global"
  • "Loc" means "Location", as in SrcLoc
  • "Hs" means "Haskell Syntax" (generally as opposed to Core, for example, Expr vs HsExpr)
  • "Hsc" means "deals with compiling a single module and no more"