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    8686The scheduleHandleHeapOverflow(cap,t) call decides to give the thread another block, (or a set of blocks if the thread was asking for allocation of a large object (a large object is one that is larger than a block). If the scheduleHandleHeapOverflow() function feels that there aren't enough free blocks left, it decides to Garbage Collect. This is the point at which everything else stops and the GC kicks in.
     89== More about Capabilities ==
     91It is useful to understand capabilities well because it is closely tied to the maintenance of the program roots and multithreading in Haskell - all of which the GC has to be aware of. If however you are readin this the first time, you may want to skip this section and come back to it later.
     93Capabilities are defined in capability.h. The file OSThreads.h provide an platform neutral absraction for OS level threads used by Haskell.
     96struct Capability_ {
     97    // State required by the STG virtual machine when running Haskell
     98    // code.  During STG execution, the BaseReg register always points
     99    // to the StgRegTable of the current Capability (&cap->r).
     100    StgFunTable f;
     101    StgRegTable r;
     103    nat no;  // capability number.
     105    // The Task currently holding this Capability.  This task has
     106    // exclusive access to the contents of this Capability (apart from
     107    // returning_tasks_hd/returning_tasks_tl).
     108    // Locks required: cap->lock.
     109    Task *running_task;
     111    // true if this Capability is running Haskell code, used for
     112    // catching unsafe call-ins.
     113    rtsBool in_haskell;
     115    // The run queue.  The Task owning this Capability has exclusive
     116    // access to its run queue, so can wake up threads without
     117    // taking a lock, and the common path through the scheduler is
     118    // also lock-free.
     119    StgTSO *run_queue_hd;
     120    StgTSO *run_queue_tl;
     122    // Tasks currently making safe foreign calls.  Doubly-linked.
     123    // When returning, a task first acquires the Capability before
     124    // removing itself from this list, so that the GC can find all
     125    // the suspended TSOs easily.  Hence, when migrating a Task from
     126    // the returning_tasks list, we must also migrate its entry from
     127    // this list.
     128    Task *suspended_ccalling_tasks;
     130    // One mutable list per generation, so we don't need to take any
     131    // locks when updating an old-generation thunk.  These
     132    // mini-mut-lists are moved onto the respective gen->mut_list at
     133    // each GC.
     134    bdescr **mut_lists;
     136#if defined(THREADED_RTS)
     137    // Worker Tasks waiting in the wings.  Singly-linked.
     138    Task *spare_workers;
     140    // This lock protects running_task, returning_tasks_{hd,tl}, wakeup_queue.
     141    Mutex lock;
     143    // Tasks waiting to return from a foreign call, or waiting to make
     144    // a new call-in using this Capability (NULL if empty).
     145    // NB. this field needs to be modified by tasks other than the
     146    // running_task, so it requires cap->lock to modify.  A task can
     147    // check whether it is NULL without taking the lock, however.
     148    Task *returning_tasks_hd; // Singly-linked, with head/tail
     149    Task *returning_tasks_tl;
     151    // A list of threads to append to this Capability's run queue at
     152    // the earliest opportunity.  These are threads that have been
     153    // woken up by another Capability.
     154    StgTSO *wakeup_queue_hd;
     155    StgTSO *wakeup_queue_tl;
     158    // Per-capability STM-related data
     159    StgTVarWaitQueue *free_tvar_wait_queues;
     160    StgTRecChunk *free_trec_chunks;
     161    StgTRecHeader *free_trec_headers;
     162    nat transaction_tokens;
     163}; // typedef Capability, defined in RtsAPI.h