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    243243make: *** [all] Error 1 
     246=== getCurrentDirectory: resource exhausted (Too many open files) === 
     248By default, Mac OS X limits the number of open files to 256.  This may cause problems when applying patches in step 3 of ''Getting a GHC source tree using darcs'' with darcs 1.0.9. 
     251$ darcs pull -a 
     252Pulling from ""... 
     253This is the GHC darcs repository (HEAD branch) 
     255For more information, visit the GHC developer wiki at 
     258darcs: getCurrentDirectory: resource exhausted (Too many open files) 
     261If this happens, try increasing the number of open files allowed by typing in {{{$ ulimit -n unlimited}}} and try pulling again.  If this fails, close all terminal windows, restart, and try again. 
     263If this still doesn't work, try pulling 100 patches at a time using the {{{darcs pull}}} command (notice the lack of the {{{-a}}} flag).  Hold down 'y' until 100 or so patches are accepted, then hit 'd' to skip the rest; repeat until all patches are applied.  If this fails, try with less than 100 patches at a time (e.g., 50). 
     265This issue has been reported as [ issue 560] in the darcs bug tracking system. 
     267=== Ubuntu: {{{dash}}} vs {{{bash}}} === 
     268In Ubuntu 6.10 the default system shell {{{/bin/sh}}} was changed to {{{dash}}} (The Debian Almquist Shell) instead of {{{bash}}}, see [ DashAsBinSh]. This has been reported to break the GHC build. Until the GHC scripts are updated, the easiest way to fix this problem is to (as {{{root}}}) change the {{{/bin/sh}}} link back to {{{/bin/bash}}}. There should be minimal effect on the rest of the system, bar a small speed penalty for script heavy processes due to {{{bash}}} slowness.