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Useful building workflows

This is intended as a short summary of how to do common tasks. See also Building/Using, although that may not be fully up to date.

Build or clean everything

Do these things in the $(TOP) directory.

  • Initialisation: sh boot; ./configure, create See the details.
  • make. This should make everything: the support utilities, stage1 compiler, libraries, and stage2 compiler.

The build system does not track cross-package dependencies, so it's possible that you could recompile one library, but another dependent library isn't recompiled, and you get link errors.

  • make clean, make distclean: various levels of cleanery.

Build just the compiler

Do these things in the $(TOP)/compiler directory.

  • make rebuild, make rebuild stage=2. This just builds the stage1 or stage2 compiler respectively.

How to clean selectively?

Build libraries

Do these things in $(TOP)/libraries directory.

  • Build all libraries
  • Build just one library
  • Clean all libraries
  • Clean just one library

Do you do the selective work in libraries/ or in libraries/haskell98/ (say)?

Disabling a library you don't want to build.