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sync-all: operations over all GHC repositories at once

A GHC tree consists of multiple repositories. The sync-all Perl script lets you operate over them all at once.

The full documentation for sync-all is found by using the --help option:

  $ ./sync-all --help

(you can also find it by looking in source:sync-all)

Pulling new patches

If you have an existing tree, here is how to pull new patches into all repositories.

  $ ./sync-all pull
  $ ./sync-all get

The second step is required in the event that new packages or repositories have been added to GHC.

See Building/Rebuilding for how to update your build after pulling patches.

You can also pull patches from another tree, by registering the other tree as a remote, and giving it a name (here anotherghc):

  $ ./sync-all -r /another/ghc remote add anotherghc
  $ ./sync-all pull anotherghc

where /another/ghc is a path to another local GHC repository. You can specify a remote repository here too, e.g. -r (remember to omit the final "ghc.git" when using a remote repo).

The sync-all command is useful for finding out what patches you have relative to another repository:

  $ ./sync-all fetch anotherghc
  $ ./sync-all new anotherghc

this tells you which patches there are in your local repository tree relative to the tree over in /another/ghc.