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GHC Test framework

NOTE: you need Python (any version >= 1.5 will probably do) in order to use the testsuite.

To run the test suite against stage 1 of a GHC build in the same source tree:

        cd tests/ghc-regress

(from now on, we'll assume that you're in the tests/ghc-regress directory).

To run a fast version of the testsuite, which should complete in under 5 minutes on a fast machine with an optimised GHC build:

        make fast

To run the testsuite with the stage2 compiler (this is often what you want, because GHCi tests will fail with stage1):

        make stage=2

To run the test suite against a different GHC, say ghc-5.04:

        make TEST_HC=ghc-5.04

To run an individual test or tests (eg. tc054):

        make TEST=tc054

(you can also go straight to the directory containing the test and say 'make TEST=tc054' from there, which will save some time).

To run the tests one particular way only (eg. GHCi):

        make WAY=ghci

For more details, see below.