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How do I rebuild GHC after updating or changing it?

Note that after pulling new changes, the safest way to continue working is to clean the build tree and start from scratch.

In fact, it's best to clean the tree before pulling, because the new code may not know how to clean the old build tree:

  $ make distclean

Next you need to pull any new patches:

  $ sh darcs-all pull

But there may have been new subrepos added to the build, so you need to grab them:

  $ sh darcs-all get

Now build the tree as normal:

  $ sh boot
  $ ./configure
  $ make

You may be able to shortcut this procedure if you know what you're doing, or you could just take a risk and if anything goes wrong fall back to the above procedure.

Notes (things that might go wrong):

  • watch out for distclean not cleaning properly, especially if you haven't updated for a long time, darcs-all/packages list changing due to darcs-all (meaning you need to re-run darcs-all with the now up-to-date information), missing/new packages, darcs warnings; keeping a log of darcs-all's and make's output can be helpful
  • unsupported: I'm using a slightly modified darcs-all script (see attached diff) that tries to alert me to the darcs-all issues listed above by summarizing them at the end of the run, or aborting the run if it needs to be restarted due to update

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