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Add location of binaries, to run without installing

Quick Start to just building GHC

Below are quick instructions for just building and installing GHC. If you are an aspiring GHC developer, read the Newcomers page instead.

The following instructions assume that you have got the sources and installed the necessary tools.

If you are starting from a git checkout then:

$ ./boot

(this step isn't necessary if you have a source distribution).

Next on non-Windows:

$ ./configure
$ make

On Windows:

NOTE: On Windows you need to download some binary distributables before being able to build. This only has to be done once and can be done by adding a flag to the call to configure

$ ./configure --enable-tarballs-autodownload
$ make

This will do a 2-stage bootstrap build of the compiler, with profiling libraries.

Run without installing

You can find the binaries built by make in inplace directory under the root of the ghc source tree. The binaries can be run from here without installing.


After building, to install GHC (by default in /usr/local):

$ make install