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Quick Start: Just building and installing GHC

"I just want to build it!"

No problem. This recipe should build and install a working GHC with all the default settings. If you are here because you want to work on GHC, rather than just build and install it, then skip this section and go to Getting started with the build system.

The following instructions assume that you have got the sources (note: not just a darcs get) and installed the necessary tools.

If you are starting from a darcs checkout (or rebuilding from darcs), then:

$ perl boot

(this step isn't necessary if you have a source distribution).


$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

This will do a 2-stage bootstrap build of the compiler, with profiling libraries, and install the results in the default location (under /usr/local on Unix, for example).

The configure script is a standard GNU autoconf script, and accepts the usual options for changing install locations and the like. Run ./configure --help for a list of options.

If you want to do anything at all non-standard, or you want to do some development, read on...