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Building on MacOS X

Getting Readline to work

Thanks to Paul R Brown for the following instructions.

Building GHC 6.6 out of the box on MacOS X will leave you with a GHCi binary that has no readline support. This is because MacOS X comes with a cut-down readline library that doesn't support all the things that GHC requires, so the GHC configure script decides not to use it.

To get readline working, you first need to install GNU readline:

cd ~/work
mkdir gnu-readline
cd !$
tar xzvf readline-5.2.tat.gz
cd readline-5.2
make && sudo make install

Now you have to tell the GHC build about readline:

cd ~/work
mkdir ghc
cd !$
tar xjvf ghc-6.6-src.tar.bz2
tar xjvf ghc-6.6-src-extralibs.tar.bz2
cd ghc-6.6
./configure --with-readline-includes=/usr/local \
make -j && sudo make install

(-j tells make to spawn lots of processes building in parallel, it will probably save some time especially if you have a multi-core machine).