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    152152== Troubleshooting ==
    153153=== Mac OS X ===
    154 ==== getCurrentDirectory: resource exhausted (Too many open files) ====
    155 By default, Mac OS X limits the number of open files to 256.  This may cause problems when applying patches in step 3 of ''Getting a GHC source tree using darcs'' with darcs 1.0.9.
    157 {{{
    158 $ darcs pull -a
    159 Pulling from ""...
    160 This is the GHC darcs repository (HEAD branch)
    162 For more information, visit the GHC developer wiki at
    164 **********************
    165 darcs: getCurrentDirectory: resource exhausted (Too many open files)
    166 }}}
    168 If this happens, try increasing the number of open files allowed by typing in {{{$ ulimit -n unlimited}}} and try pulling again.  If this fails, close all terminal windows, restart, and try again.
    170 If this still doesn't work, try pulling 100 patches at a time using the {{{darcs pull}}} command (notice the lack of the {{{-a}}} flag).  Hold down 'y' until 100 or so patches are accepted, then hit 'd' to skip the rest; repeat until all patches are applied.  If this fails, try with less than 100 patches at a time (e.g., 50).
    172 This issue has been reported as [ issue 560] in the darcs bug tracking system.
    174154==== Case insensitivity ====
    175155The default Mac OS X files systems (HFS+) is case-insensitive and darcs is case sensitive.  While this ususally doesn't cause any problems, occassionally a {{{Unapplicable patch}}} error can occur.  It's possible to work around this by using {{{Disk Utility}}} to create a case sensitive file system and apply the patches inside of it.  To do this:
    190170This creates a file with a {{{.sparseimage}}} extension (e.g., {{{GHC Disk.sparseimage}}}) at the location that was set in step 10 and automatically mounts it.  The partition can be accessed through the {{{/Volumes}}} folder (e.g., {{{/Volumes/GHC}}}).  This partition behaves exactly like any other Apple partition except that it's case sensitive and darcs can apply the patches it couldn't on the case insensitive file system.  After the patches have been applied, the repository can be copied to the normal file system, the partition can be unmounted, and the sparse image can be deleted.
    192 === Ubuntu ===
    194 ==== {{{dash}}} vs {{{bash}}} ====
    195 In Ubuntu 6.10 the default system shell {{{/bin/sh}}} was changed to {{{dash}}} (The Debian Almquist Shell) instead of {{{bash}}}, see [ DashAsBinSh]. This has been reported to break the GHC build. Until the GHC scripts are updated, the easiest way to fix this problem is to (as {{{root}}}) change the {{{/bin/sh}}} link back to {{{/bin/bash}}}. There should be minimal effect on the rest of the system, bar a small speed penalty for script heavy processes due to {{{bash}}} slowness.