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Layout of important files and directories

Everything starts with the main GHC repository (see Building/GettingTheSources). The buld system calls that directory $(TOP). All the paths below are relative to $(TOP).

Files in $(TOP)

This script allows you to get or pull all the additional repositories that you need to build GHC. The command-line interface is documented in the file itself.
Lists the packages that darcs-all should get or pull. packages is looked at only by darcs-all.
Run validate before committing (see TestingPatches). The script is documented in the file itself.


The libraries/ directory contains all the packages that GHC needs to build. It has one sub-directory for each package repository (e.g. base, haskell98, random). Usually each such repository builds just one package but sometimes more than one (e.g DPH).

  • libraries/cabal-bin.hs is .... (mention the executable too)
  • libraries/ifBuildable/ is ...?
  • libraries/bootstrapping/ is ...?


utils/, libffi/

The utils directory contains support utilities that GHC uses. Some of these are themselves separate repositories that darcs-all pulls; others are part of the main GHC repository. Typically these utilities are built once and for all when your build tree is initialised.

Why isn't libffi in utils/?

compiler/, rts/, docs/, includes/

These directories contain the main GHC compiler, runtime system, and documentation.

  • compiler/ghc.cabal: the Cabal file for GHC. If you add a module to GHC's source code, you must add it in the ghc.cabal file too, else you'll get link errors.

testsuite/, nofib/

The testsuite/ and nofib/ directories contain apparatus for testing GHC. Each is a separate repository, which can be gotten with darcs-all.

Stuff that appears only in a build tree

This directory appears only in the build tree. It contains the .hi and .o files obtained by compiling the compiler.
  • ghc/stage1-inplace/, ghc/stage2-inplace/ Code for the stage1 and stage2 compiler.

There seems to be ghc/dist-stage1 too... what's that? Also there is compiler/stage1!