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Idiom: distdir

Often we want to build a component multiple times in different ways. For example:

  • certain libraries (e.g. Cabal) are required by GHC, so we build them once with the bootstrapping compiler, and again with stage 1 once that is built.
  • GHC itself is built multiple times (stage 1, stage 2, maybe stage 3)
  • some tools (e.g. ghc-pkg) are also built once with the bootstrapping compiler, and then again using stage 1 later.

In order to support multiple builds in a directory, we place all generated files in a subdirectory, called the "distdir". The distdir can be anything at all; for example in compiler/ we name our distdirs after the stage (stage1, stage2 etc.). When there is only a single build in a directory, by convention we usually call the distdir simply "dist".

There is a related concept called ways, which includes profiling and dynamic-linking. Multiple ways are currently part of the same "build" and use the same distdir, but in the future we might unify these concepts and give each way its own distdir.