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As of August 10 2011, GHC HEAD supports registerised build on ARM when using LLVM backend. For this to work, you will need to have LLVM HEAD as of July 12 2011 with the patch from here: applied.

You can do this this way:

$ svn co llvm-ghc-arm-2011-07-12
$ wget
$ cd llvm-ghc-arm-2011-07-12
$ svn up -r "{2011-07-12}"
$ patch -p1 < ../llvm-2011-07-12.patch

for compilation on native ARM Linux system, you will need to use -O1 optimization level as higher levels produces more buggy LLVM. Configuration and compilation of LLVM might be done in this way:

$ mkdir obj
$ cd obj
$ ../llvm-ghc-arm-2011-07-12/configure --enable-optimized

You don't need to install compiled LLVM, but you will just need to set your PATH to contain llvm-ghc-arm-2011-07-12/Release+Asserts/bin/ path.

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