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Setting up a nightly build

Common steps

First you, as a buildbot client, need to agree a buildbot username (myUser) and password (myPass) with the buildbot admins. You'll also need to decide when the builds should happen. Finally, if there is anything special that needs to be done for the client (e.g. if gcc is in an unusual place) then you'll need to let the admins know.

Client steps

Then you'll need to install buildbot and its dependencies on the machine that will be doing the nightly build; see the BuildBot website for details.

Now create and enter the directory you want the buildbot client to work in

$ mkdir /buildbot/ghc
$ cd /buildbot/ghc

and tell buildbot to set up a slave there

$ buildbot create-slave . myUser myPass

This will print a few lines asking you to fill in info/admin and info/host. In the latter file, please include information on what operating system and architecture the machine is running.

It also created Makefile.sample; we recommend renaming this to Makefile. You can now start the buildbot client with make start and stop it with make stop.

Admin steps

Pull the buildbot master configuration:

$ darcs get
$ cd master

Edit master.cfg. Search for slaves and you should find a list containing an entry for each slave. Add an entry to the list like

{ 'user': 'myUser',
  'pass': 'myPass',
  'factory': ghcDefaultFactory },

If it is a Windows machine then use ghcDefaultWindowsFactory instead (this just tells it to use the correct configure options for Windows).

Now search for schedulers and either add myUser to the builderNames of an existing scheduler or, if there isn't one that runs at the time that you want, add a new scheduler.

Record and push the changes. Then restart the build master:

$ ssh "cd master; make reconfig"

If there is anything unusual about the machine the build is being run on, e.g. the path to gcc is different, then you will need to add a field for the unusual thing to GhcDefaultConfig and alter the build steps to make use of it. Then make a special factory for the build client you are adding with this field changed as appropriate.

Did it work?

Once the master is reconfiged and the client is started, the client should become visible on

At present there is no way to force an immediate test build.