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    1818 * '''All tickets''':  
    1919   * Check for duplicates (Google search with "" is usually better than using Trac's search). 
     20   * Tidy up the description: add markup if necessary, link to related information and/or other tickets 
    2021   * Check that the ticket is categoriesd correctly, including 
    2122     * the title is a good summary of the bug 
    2223     * platform/OS are correct 
    2324     * component is correct 
    24      * it is on the correct milestone 
    25      * the "difficulty" is a reasonable estimate 
     25     * it is on the correct milestone (developers only) 
     26     * the "difficulty" is a reasonable estimate (developers only) 
     27   * If the ticket has a patch  
     28     * (developers only) review the patch 
     29     * if it looks ready to go, add a comment to the ticket to say so. 
    2731 * '''Bugs''': 
    2832   * Check that the bug hasn't already been fixed. 
     33   * Set the new "Type of Failure" field 
    2934   * If the bug has some reproduction instructions, try them out with a recent GHC and see if the bug still happens.  If the results are different, update the ticket to include that information.   
    3035   * If the bug does not have repro instructions, ask the submitter for more details. 
    3136   * Check that there is still value in having the ticket open.  If we cannot make progress without feedback from the submitter, and a long time has elapsed (e.g. 6 months), then we should close the bug. 
    33  * '''Feature requests''' and '''tasks''': check that it hasnt' already been done. 
    35  * If the ticket has a patch and looks ready to go, add a comment 
    36    to the ticket to say so. 
     38 * '''Feature requests''' and '''tasks''':  
     39   * check that it hasn't already been done. 
     40   * link to related feature requests 
    3843Here are some [wiki:WorkingConventions#TheBugTracker more details on how we use the bug tracker].