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This page is meant to document the current state of GHC on Apple Mac OS X on Intel x86 hardware.

DarwinPorts still has GHC as not supported on x86.

This GHC CVS build seems to work quite well: Some issues:

  • You need to manually install GMP.framework in /Library/Frameworks, and libreadline.dylib (and the libreadline*.dylib symlinks, I guess) in /usr/local/lib (assuming prefix=/usr/local).
  • When using runghc to build some cabal packages (e.g. xhtml), the setup program dies silently after building the archive, but before writing the .installed-pkg-config file. If the setup program is compiled with ghc, this does not happen.
  • When using "./configure --prefix=/usr/local; make install", GHC gets installed in /usr/local/lib/-6.5/.