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GHC port for arm-unknown-linux-gnu

My goal is to create a registerised port of GHC to the nokia 770.

Setting up the build environment

I have been using the standard maemo cross-development environment. Instructions for setting up this environment can be found here:

Changes to standard procedure

The updated instructions on this page should now work:

With two small changes:

(1) I had to add --srcdir=.

Anyplace configure is called I get this error:

This configuration does not support the `--srcdir' option..

Adding --srcdir=. makes the error go away.

(2) ghc/Makefile SUBDIRS ordering

This has been fixed in head, but if you download the 6.4.2 release you will need to edit ghc/Makefile and change the ordering of the SUBDIRS so that lib comes before compiler.

This is the default ordering:

ifeq "$(BootingFromHc)" "YES"
SUBDIRS = includes rts docs compiler lib utils driver

and you want

ifeq "$(BootingFromHc)" "YES"
SUBDIRS = includes rts docs lib compiler utils driver

That should get to the point of having a ghc-inplace built.

NOTE: if you try to move the directory to a new location or name, the inplace compiler will stop working because it has absolute paths hard coded to the current location.

Build ghc using ghc-inplace

(1) unroll the ghc source tarball into a new directory.

(2) ./configure --srcdir=. --with-ghc=/abs/path/to/ghc-inplace

(3) create a mk/ with these two lines:

GhcUnregisterised = YES
GhcWithNativeCodeGen = NO

(4) make

(5) make install

I think there may have been one other step in there somewhere...

This should build and install ghc. Unfortunately, the floating point code will be broken.

Run the test suite

(1) get the testsuite that corresponds to your release, for example:

(2) untar it in the ghc-6.4.2 directory.

(3) edit mk/ and change the -e config.time_prog line to:

        -e config.timeout_prog=\"\" \

I had to do this because the timeout program interacted badly with the scratchbox shell causing all the tests to timeout and fail.

(4) cd to test/ghc-regress

(5) make TEST_HC=ghc fast


(5) make TEST_HC=ghc # for a longer test