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This list overviews the active branches in the main GHC repository.

Active branches

  • dicts-strict Strict Dictionaries. Nick Frisby. Make most dictionary arguments strict. It's stowed in a branch until cardinality is merged. It should be easier to implement after cardinality's refactoring.
  • late-dmd Late Demand Analysis. Nick Frisby. See #7782. It's stowed in a branch become of some nofib slowdowns I'm struggling to understand.
  • late-lam-lift Late Lambda Lift. Nick Frisby. We lift some lambdas before CorePrep. I'm still determining when to 'not' lift a lambda. My terse notes here.
  • ticky-for-all-lets Ticky for all lets. Nick Frisby. I think this patch is in mostly good shape, but I had to revert it because of a silly mistake. Need to double-check it. It adds ticky counters for lets, even those that don't end up as proper closures.
  • type-nats Solver for Type-Level Naturals. Iavor S. Diatchki. An experimental solver for discharging constraints involving natural numbers.
  • type-reasoning on base: Experiments with type-level reasoning definitions: Richard Eisenberg / Gabor Greif. Changes to TypeLits and related files to support type-level reasoning. Mostly superseded by conversations summarized at TypeLevelReasoning.

Inactive branches

This is a list of inactive branches, including the date of their last commit.

  • ghc-axioms First attempt at branched type family instances. Richard Eisenberg / José Pedro Magalhães / Simon PJ. Last commit was Jan 3, 2012. This was an early attempt at implementing branched type family instances. Superseded by overlapping-tyfams.