Jan 21, 2013:

5:42 PM Ticket #2695 (bogus "syntactically distinct contexts" error) closed by monoidal
fixed: As of GHC 7.6, the code compiles fine. -XRelaxedPolyRec is the default and …
5:36 PM Ticket #2284 (Stack-hack optimization causes much re-computation in GUI callbacks) closed by simonmar
5:25 PM Ticket #1105 (Custom Runtimes) closed by simonmar
wontfix: Let's close - too vague, too old.
5:17 PM Ticket #1167 (mangler makes global symbol disappear on linux-ppc) closed by simonmar
wontfix: The mangler is dead.
1:49 PM Ticket #7612 (Automatically start the haskell runtime in DllMain on windows -shared) closed by simonmar
wontfix: You're looking at a very old version of the docs, the latest is here: …
10:32 AM Ticket #956 (improving error messages #1) closed by simonpj
9:40 AM Ticket #7613 (readSigned consumes too much input) created by liyang
[…] I would have expected [(0, ".1")]. The Report specifies that …
8:35 AM Ticket #7612 (Automatically start the haskell runtime in DllMain on windows -shared) created by schyler
On Windows DllMain? is called when a dll is loaded into a process via …
8:30 AM Ticket #7611 (Rewrite rules application prevented by type variable application (map id ...) created by nomeata
I’m moving the discussion from …
6:30 AM Ticket #964 (Cross Compile and Universal Binary) closed by simonmar
6:12 AM Ticket #835 (Expose less type/class info in an interface file, to reduce recompilation) closed by simonmar
wontfix: In fact, we fixed this, and then unfixed it again recently: …
12:55 AM Ticket #999 (Misattributed parse error in do block) closed by morabbin
fixed: Fixed in 7.6.1: […]
12:42 AM Ticket #916 (windows installer should play nice with other Haskell tools) closed by morabbin
fixed: Remaining issues seem to have gotten their own tickets, as per igloo's …
12:26 AM Ticket #910 (--make should have a -j flag for parallel building) closed by morabbin
wontfix: Cabal install now has -j flag, so closing this as wontfix.
12:22 AM Ticket #886 (Profiling doesn't work with SMP execution) closed by morabbin
invalid: Closing as invalid, given this text from …
12:12 AM Ticket #876 (Length is not a good consumer) closed by morabbin
invalid: Would have been covered by #915, which is marked closed as invalid; doing …

Jan 20, 2013:

11:17 PM Ticket #733 (Problem compiling .lhs files with lines that begin with #) closed by morabbin
duplicate: Closing; superseded by #4836.
11:08 PM Ticket #731 (GHCi doesn't work on powerpc64) closed by morabbin
wontfix: Irrelevant; milestone long past.
7:25 AM Ticket #7610 (Cross compilation support for LLVM backend) created by dterei
Top level bug to track supporting cross compilation in LLVM backend. …

Jan 19, 2013:

12:26 PM Ticket #2900 (Confusing error message for monadic function with wrong number of ...) closed by monoidal
fixed: GHC 7.6 gives […]
10:09 AM Ticket #1702 (type operator precedences don't work in contexts) closed by monoidal
fixed: The code works fine in 7.6, with a minor change (type operators now do not …
10:01 AM Ticket #7609 (Backticks in an an error message) created by monoidal
[…] gives an error message: […] which should be a `X` a. …
3:58 AM Ticket #7608 (LLVM only handles a hard-coded list of triples.) created by singpolyma
LLVM simply has a hard-coded list of triples for supported platforms in …
1:02 AM Ticket #7607 (getSymtabName:unknown known-key unique) created by sheblar
On a freshly updated install of Archlinux x86_64, I ran makepkg -s on the …

Jan 18, 2013:

6:38 PM Ticket #7605 (HscStats.lhs is not used in the build process) closed by igloo
fixed: Thanks for the report; .lhs removed.
2:34 PM Ticket #4258 (Finish new codegen) closed by simonmar
fixed: The new codegen has been the default for a while now. Closing this to …
2:34 PM Ticket #7192 (Bug in -fregs-graph with -fnew-codegen) closed by simonmar
fixed: We think this is fixed after the patch above.
10:10 AM Ticket #7606 (Stride scheduling for Haskell threads with priorities) created by ezyang
Currently, GHC uses a round-robin scheduler for Haskell threads, with some …
9:54 AM Ticket #7605 (HscStats.lhs is not used in the build process) created by jstolarek
The file [[GhcFile(...)]] is not used in the build …
1:30 AM Ticket #7604 (System.Directory.canonicalizePath "" behaviour differs between platforms) created by igloo
On Linux, System.Directory.canonicalizePath "" gives an exception. On …
12:45 AM Ticket #7603 (Bad magic in static (FFI) object (7.6.1 for x86_64-apple-darwin)) closed by morabbin
invalid: Not a GHC bug; closing as invalid.
12:25 AM Ticket #7603 (Bad magic in static (FFI) object (7.6.1 for x86_64-apple-darwin)) created by morabbin
When spraying HOC (Haskell to Objective-C) …

Jan 17, 2013:

5:05 PM Ticket #7602 (Threaded RTS performing badly on recent OS X (10.8?)) created by simonmar
This ticket is to remind us about the following problem: OS X is now using …
4:24 PM Ticket #7599 (timeout does not behave as expected) closed by simonmar
duplicate: threadDelay isn't working properly in GHCi in 7.6.1 on OS X (#7299), I …
4:01 PM Ticket #7601 (Internal error with kind annotation on associated type family) created by dreixel
The following module: […] Makes GHC raise an internal error: […]
8:40 AM Ticket #7600 (cgrun044 failing with LLVM backend) closed by dterei
6:05 AM Ticket #7573 (Testsuite should easily be able to compile .cmm files.) closed by thoughtpolice
fixed: Closed by […] I also updated the wiki page about adding tests: …
5:50 AM Ticket #7579 (Command line option to suppress LLVM version warning) closed by thoughtpolice
5:50 AM Ticket #7572 (mk/build.mk does not let you build 'quick-llvm' style) closed by thoughtpolice
4:06 AM Ticket #7600 (cgrun044 failing with LLVM backend) created by dterei
test case cgrun044 fails currently with the LLVM backend. I believe this …

Jan 16, 2013:

11:21 PM Ticket #7599 (timeout does not behave as expected) created by ique
In trying to debug an error I found using the MongoDB package (it was …
9:46 PM Ticket #7598 (ghc-stage1 generates wrong assembler on StgCmmPrim (operand out of range)) created by kgardas
Hello, an attempt to compile today GHC HEAD on linux powerpc fails with …
8:13 PM Ticket #7597 (plugins01 fails if it has been run previously (doesn't force recompile)) created by ezyang
Just to make sure I don't forget about this.
4:30 PM Ticket #7596 (Opportunity to improve CSE) created by simonpj
In nofib/spectral/mandel2, the function check_perim calls …
3:04 PM Ticket #7569 (Does not correctly detect float/double Haskell types when cross-compiling) closed by simonmar
fixed: […]
2:41 PM Ticket #6086 (Cross compilation fails using system linker for other architecture ...) closed by simonmar
1:58 PM Ticket #7594 (GHCi becomes confused about IO type) closed by simonpj
worksforme: Hmm. Absolutely right, and this happens for 7.6.2 too. However with HEAD …
12:04 PM Ticket #7595 (Static flags code needs cleanup) created by jstolarek
While reading through the source code I noticed that code responsible for …
11:41 AM Ticket #7594 (GHCi becomes confused about IO type) created by Khudyakov
[…] In the interactive mode it's possible to confuse GHCi about IO …
9:43 AM Ticket #7537 ([PATCH] Incorrect Haskell type for ino_t on MacOS X 10.5) closed by simonmar
invalid: Great, thanks for following this up.
6:05 AM Ticket #7593 (Unable to print exceptions of unicode identifiers) created by dagit
I suspect this is windows specific but I'm not certain (I couldn't …
5:10 AM Ticket #7592 (Building the latest master branch on FreeBSD 9.1 fails) created by kazu-yamamoto
The following sequence fails on FreeBSD 9.1: […] If I type "gmake …
4:06 AM Ticket #7585 (Core lint failure when optimizing coercions in branched axioms) closed by goldfire
1:37 AM Ticket #7591 (CodeGen.Platform.hs not including ghcautoconf.h as it should, breaks ARMv5 ...) created by StephenBlackheath
MachRegs?.h requires ghcautoconf.h to be included before it, because, in …
1:31 AM Ticket #7590 (LLVM backend bootstrap support) created by dterei
The change to the new-code-generator seems to have broken the LLVM …
1:26 AM Ticket #7589 (LLVM 3.2 Support) created by dterei
LLVM 3.2 is out as of mid December. We need to update the backend to …
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