Feb 24, 2011:

10:12 PM Ticket #4980 (Warning about module abbreviation clashes) created by Lemming
Please add the option -fwarn-module-rename-collision that makes GHC to do …
5:45 PM Ticket #4979 (IO performance regression in 7.0.2) created by simonpj
If you benchmark spectral/sphere you'll see a 25% increase in allocation …
6:14 AM Ticket #4978 (Continuation passing style loop doesn't compile into a loop) created by tibbe
I was investigating some poor performance in Data.Binary.Builder from …

Feb 23, 2011:

8:34 PM Ticket #4977 (Warning about unqualified implicit imports) created by Lemming
I would like to have a GHC option like -fwarn-unqualified-imports that …
6:59 PM Ticket #4976 (zipWith static argument transformation) created by aristidb
Currently, zipWith cannot be inlined (I think), because it is implemented …
5:51 PM Ticket #4890 (Add DTrace support to i386-solaris2 platform) closed by igloo
fixed: These are all applied in HEAD and 7.0 branch: […]
1:33 PM Ticket #4975 (Windows binary's documentation directory hierarchy is broken) created by shelarcy
GHC 7.0.2 RC 2 (ghc- doen't have Cabal, haddock and …
11:43 AM Ticket #4963 (Faster implementation of System.Timeout.timeout) closed by basvandijk
invalid: Since this event manager based implementation is …
2:07 AM CrossCompilationDesign created by thoughtpolice

Feb 22, 2011:

8:28 PM Ticket #4973 (building ghc7.0.1.20110217 under x86 solaris fails) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed in HEAD and 7.0 by: […]
6:18 PM Ticket #4961 (Make the Timeout exception a newtype instead of a datatype) closed by basvandijk
invalid: Simon, I noticed you didn't push yet. That's good because, as you know, …
6:04 PM Ticket #4969 (regression: core-lint failure in agda) closed by igloo
fixed: Merged
3:07 PM Commentary/Rts/HaskellExecution/PointerTagging edited by ezyang
Fix broken link. (diff)
9:55 AM Ticket #4893 (panic! the 'impossible' happened: initC: srt_lbl) closed by simonpj
duplicate: I think this is a dup of #4534, which is fixed. Indeed your example is ok …
9:26 AM DataParallel/Dec2010Release edited by chak
9:13 AM DataParallel/Dec2010Release edited by simonpj
8:59 AM Builder edited by kgardas

Feb 21, 2011:

6:02 PM Ticket #4974 (cabal install unix-compat fails with ghc-7.0.1-rc2) closed by igloo
invalid: Aha, looks like the real problem is that you don't have libutil.h: …
3:18 PM Ticket #4974 (cabal install unix-compat fails with ghc-7.0.1-rc2) created by basvandijk
I get an error when installing unix-compat with GHC-7.0.1-rc2: […] …
1:00 PM Ticket #4972 (ghc- crash) closed by maeder
duplicate: this seems to be a duplicate of #4893
12:48 PM Ticket #4973 (building ghc7.0.1.20110217 under x86 solaris fails) created by maeder
creating libHSrts-ghc7.0.1.20110217.so with inplace/bin/ghc-stage1
12:33 PM Ticket #4972 (ghc- crash) created by maeder
[…] I'll see if this happens under linux, too.
4:26 AM Changeset in ghc [36e8579]atomicsbetter-ho-cardinalitycardinalitycoerciblecross-compiler-alienlessdata-kind-syntaxdecision-procedureghc-7.6ghc-7.8ghc-lwc2ghc-new-flavorghc-parmake-gsocghc-spjimp-param-classlate-dmdlate-lam-liftnew-demand-to-mergenewcgoverlapping-tyfamssilent-sc-argssimdsupercompilertc-arrowstc-untouchablesth-newth-new-7.6ticky-for-all-letstype-holes-branchtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/Cabal-1.20wip/T7704wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8592wip/T8776wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/cbv-conv-thunkwip/common-contextwip/cpr-vs-jpwip/exprAritywip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compatwip/simdwip/th-new by Iavor S. Diatchki <iavor.diatchki@…>
A small fix and a note.

Feb 20, 2011:

10:57 PM Ticket #4971 (All essential C-- transformations in new codegen should have infinite ...) created by ezyang
Before I forget, this is a bug to remind us that we need to give infinite …
1:17 AM Changeset in ghc [6cceac91]atomicsbetter-ho-cardinalitycardinalitycoerciblecross-compiler-alienlessdata-kind-syntaxdecision-procedureghc-7.6ghc-7.8ghc-lwc2ghc-new-flavorghc-parmake-gsocghc-spjimp-param-classlate-dmdlate-lam-liftnew-demand-to-mergenewcgoverlapping-tyfamssilent-sc-argssimdsupercompilertc-arrowstc-untouchablesth-newth-new-7.6ticky-for-all-letstype-holes-branchtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/Cabal-1.20wip/T7704wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8592wip/T8776wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/cbv-conv-thunkwip/common-contextwip/cpr-vs-jpwip/exprAritywip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compatwip/simdwip/th-new by Iavor S. Diatchki <iavor.diatchki@…>
Some rather inefficient support for distributivity.

Feb 19, 2011:

9:51 PM Changeset in ghc [319a4038]atomicsbetter-ho-cardinalitycardinalitycoerciblecross-compiler-alienlessdata-kind-syntaxdecision-procedureghc-7.6ghc-7.8ghc-lwc2ghc-new-flavorghc-parmake-gsocghc-spjimp-param-classlate-dmdlate-lam-liftnew-demand-to-mergenewcgoverlapping-tyfamssilent-sc-argssimdsupercompilertc-arrowstc-untouchablesth-newth-new-7.6ticky-for-all-letstype-holes-branchtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/Cabal-1.20wip/T7704wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8592wip/T8776wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/cbv-conv-thunkwip/common-contextwip/cpr-vs-jpwip/exprAritywip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compatwip/simdwip/th-new by Iavor S. Diatchki <iavor.diatchki@…>
Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into type-nats
9:19 PM Ticket #4013 (build fails on OS X: Invalid Mach-O file:Address out of bounds while ...) closed by igloo
fixed: I've just successfully validated with […] in mk/validate.mk, both 32bit …
3:27 PM Ticket #4970 (time002 and time004 (ghci) test failures on OS X 64 bit) created by gwright
The time002 and time004 tests fail for ghci on OS X 64 bit. The …
3:05 PM Building/RunningTests edited by igloo
2:53 PM Ticket #4867 (ghci displays negative floats incorrectly (was: Incorrect result from trig ...) closed by igloo
fixed: Applied, thanks!
1:32 PM Changeset in ghc-prim [e32f7ce]ghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8no-pred-ty by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Roll back generics changes in the HEAD repos
11:47 AM Changeset in ghc [3dceaef]at-defaultsatomicsbetter-ho-cardinalitycardinalitycoerciblecoloured-corecpr-sum-typescrosscross-compiler-alienlessdata-kind-syntaxdecision-procedureencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8ghc-axiomsghc-constraint-solverghc-deferghc-lwc2ghc-new-coghc-new-flavorghc-parmake-gsocghc-spjimp-param-classknown-key-serializationlate-dmdlate-lam-liftlocal-gcmonad-compnew-demand-to-mergenewcgno-pred-tyoverlapping-tyfamsprofilingreal-src-loc-spansdocsilent-sc-argssimdsrclocsupercompilertc-arrowstc-untouchablesth-newth-new-7.6ticky-for-all-letstype-holes-branchtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-argumentsunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/Cabal-1.20wip/T4404wip/T5084wip/T7704wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8592wip/T8776wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/cbv-conv-thunkwip/common-contextwip/cpr-vs-jpwip/exprAritywip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compatwip/simdwip/th-new by Max Bolingbroke <batterseapower@…>
Drop dead core that was kept alive by RULES in CorePrep (#4962)
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