Jan 14, 2011:

8:41 PM Ticket #4893 (panic! the 'impossible' happened: initC: srt_lbl) created by plc
I haven't much clue as to what happened :-/ I have attached and a dump of …
2:29 PM Ticket #2442 (Heuristics to improve error messages for badly referenced things) closed by simonpj
fixed: Finally done! […] Thanks to Max for doing most of the real work. …
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Jan 13, 2011:

4:53 PM Commentary/Pipeline edited by simonpj
12:24 PM Ticket #4377 (sizedText function for Text.PrettyPrint) closed by simonmar
fixed: Patches pushed, thanks: […]
9:55 AM Ticket #4819 ([PATCH] undefined symbols; mixed architecture build) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed: […]

Jan 12, 2011:

11:12 PM Ticket #2544 (Improve "Can't unify" error messages from type functions) closed by simonpj
fixed: It's even improved a bit more in HEAD […] So let's close. I'll add a …
8:17 PM Ticket #4892 (panic building darcs) created by ksf
[…] , from darcs screened as of Wed, 12 Jan 2011 20:00:00 +0000 …
5:11 PM Blog: New directions for Template Haskell edited by simonpj
3:52 PM DarcsConversion edited by simonmar
3:51 PM DarcsConversion edited by simonmar
3:09 PM Ticket #4801 (Typechecker performance regression 6.12 -> 7.0.1) closed by simonpj
fixed: This (long-list) regression is certainly fixed. The HEAD is faster than …
2:49 PM DarcsConversion edited by simonmar
12:12 PM Ticket #4891 (dataConInfoPtrToName doesn't correctly resolve constructors with a ...) created by TristanAllwood
I believe the parse helper in dataConInfoPtrToName in …
7:35 AM Ticket #4890 (Add DTrace support to i386-solaris2 platform) created by kgardas
Hello, it would be good if solaris platform support would also include …
2:27 AM Blog: Let generalisation in GHC 7.0 comment added by ezyang
One gotcha about combining -XGADTs and -XNoMonoLocalBinds: because -XGADTs …
12:07 AM Ticket #4870 (Compiler panic with SPECIALIZE pragma on function from imported module) closed by igloo
fixed: Merged.

Jan 11, 2011:

9:26 PM Ticket #4525 (Type synonyms not expanded consistently in errors) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed in HEAD by: […]
6:48 PM Ticket #4889 (Ignore broken pipe error when writing to a died process) created by guest
In readProcessWithExitCode, when child dies without reading whole input we …
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12:00 AM GitForDarcsUsers edited by nominolo
Mentionen Git remotes. (diff)

Jan 10, 2011:

11:34 PM GitForDarcsUsers edited by nominolo
Fix graphs pictures. (diff)
6:50 PM ErlangInHaskell edited by jepst
5:31 PM Ticket #4868 (deepseq should not depend on containers) closed by tibbe
wontfix: Since consensus wasn't reached and I don't have time to pursue it I'm …
1:09 PM Ticket #4884 (registerPackage fails with multiple command line --package-conf= flags) closed by simonmar
invalid: This is the documented behaviour of ghc-pkg. In the output of `ghc-pkg …
11:09 AM Ticket #4875 (ghc misdiagnoses a compile time error concerning parameterized types) closed by simonpj
fixed: Fixed by […] Try not to push this to the 7.0 branch because it'll …

Jan 9, 2011:

2:01 AM Ticket #4850 (Segfault when lots of blocked MVar messages) closed by igloo
fixed: All merged.
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