Jan 1, 2011:

8:11 PM Changeset in unix [dd0178b]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Proper autoconf test for sem_close's library; fixes trac #4523
7:00 AM Ticket #4875 (ghc misdiagnoses a compile time error concerning parameterized types) created by Stef Joosten
Please find the script HaskellBug.hs at the bottom of this message. Here …

Dec 31, 2010:

9:39 PM Ticket #4495 (GHC fails to inline methods of single-method classes) closed by igloo
fixed: I can't see anything better than some fragile matching on -ddump-simpl
8:07 PM Ticket #4873 (ARM/linux build broken due to libffi errors) closed by igloo
fixed: We have 3.0.9 in 7.0.1, so I assume this is already fixed.
5:24 PM Ticket #4872 (build failure on IA64 linux) closed by igloo
wontfix: Registerised -fvia-c is deprecated and will be removed in future …
10:53 AM Ticket #4874 (Unnecessary reboxing when using INLINABLE) created by tibbe
The intent of the attached library and test harness is to use INLINABLE

Dec 30, 2010:

11:17 PM Ticket #4873 (ARM/linux build broken due to libffi errors) created by kgardas
Hello, the unregisterised build on armv7l-unknown-linux-gnueabi is broken …
9:31 PM Ticket #4872 (build failure on IA64 linux) created by kgardas
Hello, while attempting to build ghc-6.12.3 on i64-unknown-linux-gnu …
10:16 AM Ticket #4871 (Build failure on windows: rts/Linker.c) created by nsch
I'm getting this error when trying to compile current GHC-HEAD on windows: …

Dec 29, 2010:

9:17 PM TypeNats/Axioms edited by diatchki
4:38 PM Ticket #4866 (GHC-Homepage: Mailing list links are wrong) closed by igloo
fixed: Thanks, fixed.
10:56 AM Ticket #4870 (Compiler panic with SPECIALIZE pragma on function from imported module) created by dreixel
Consider the following two modules: […] […] ghc-7.0.1 invoked with …

Dec 28, 2010:

11:13 PM Ticket #4869 (ghci command line option -l should accept either -llibrary or -l library ...) created by hgolden
According to POSIX, the -l option of GHCi should work with either the …
9:23 PM Ticket #4860 (Text.Regex crasher) closed by batkins
fixed: Upgraded to the latest regex-base (0.93.2) and the problem is gone. I …
6:00 PM Ticket #4868 (deepseq should not depend on containers) created by tibbe
The deepseq package depends …
5:45 PM Ticket #4867 (ghci displays negative floats incorrectly (was: Incorrect result from trig ...) created by gwright
Trigonometric functions give the wrong answer in some cases. I have …
1:56 PM Ticket #4443 (Don't require users to use undefined) closed by basvandijk
wontfix: I'm closing this ticket as 'wontfix' because most people objected to this …

Dec 27, 2010:

5:31 PM Ticket #4866 (GHC-Homepage: Mailing list links are wrong) created by guest
At: http://www.haskell.org/ghc/ the links labeled "Mailing Lists" and "The …
12:33 PM Ticket #4865 (Deprecate and remove Prelude.catch and System.IO.Error.{catch,try}) created by igloo
Prelude and System.IO.Error both export an old version of catch, …
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