Nov 11, 2010:

10:59 PM Ticket #4493 (Child from forkProcess calls select/read on parent's Handle, stealing data ...) created by josh
In trying out git-annex on a large …
8:42 PM Ticket #4492 (Type families regression) created by rl
Here is a small program: […] The current head complains: […] …
6:08 PM Ticket #4491 (dataToQa uses only unqualified names when converting values to their TH ...) created by gmainland
The dataToQa function in Language.Haskell.TH.Quote always use …
4:21 PM Blog: New directions for Template Haskell comment added by carette
As the principal 'mover' behind Part B, I am very happy with the proposal …
11:33 AM Ticket #4490 (failure during install_doc) created by maeder
when trying to install from a binary distribution of ghc- on …
9:50 AM Ticket #4449 (GHC 7 can't do IO when demonized) closed by simonmar
invalid: Replying to kazu-yamamoto: > What is a right way to implement …

Nov 10, 2010:

9:53 PM Ticket #4489 (The new flag -fwarn-missing-import-lists does not recognize the (..) form ...) created by andressr
When using the (..) form of import and the new flag …
8:21 PM Ticket #4458 (ghc: panic while installing hcodecs) closed by igloo
duplicate: Thanks for the report. Happily this is a duplicate of #4345, already fixed …
6:55 PM Ticket #4488 (Warn about unnecessary fromIntegral and other conversions) created by mitar
GHC should report unnecessary fromIntegral and other conversions. …
6:48 PM Ticket #4487 (.ghci file is kept open while ghci is running) created by NeilMitchell
Given a .ghci file in the current directory, when I start ghci
5:54 PM Commentary/Rts/Storage/GC/Immix edited by marcotmarcot
Spelling (diff)
4:55 PM Ticket #2510 (Environment modification during installation should be optional) closed by NeilMitchell
fixed: When installing a GHC 7 nightly I get the option not to set the path, …
4:08 PM Ticket #4483 (Offside rule for function definitions) closed by simonmar
invalid: It's not at all clear how this would fit into the current design of the …
3:40 PM Ticket #4068 (GHC 6.12.2 on Mac OS X from GHC-6.12.2-i386.pkg fails with "Undefined ...) closed by igloo
invalid: As far as I can see, this is not a GHC bug. The problem is that code is …
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Nov 9, 2010:

7:47 PM Ticket #4486 (Unable to satisfy "Defined but not used: data constructor" warning) created by mitar
I am unable to satisfy "Defined but not used: data constructor" warning. I …
7:39 PM Ticket #1521 (Problems building the time library with Cabal / Setup.hs) closed by michalt
wontfix: This is not a ticket about GHC and seems to be fixed anyway …
10:52 AM Status/SLPJ-Tickets edited by simonpj

Nov 8, 2010:

11:27 PM Ticket #4485 (Per-class incoherence, and solve incoherent instances last) created by JeremyShaw
The behavior of type-inference and OverlappingInstances has changed …
8:37 AM SafeHaskell edited by David
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7:33 AM Ticket #4449 (GHC 7 can't do IO when demonized) closed by kazu-yamamoto
fixed: I have tested direct-daemonize 2.0 on MacOS and confirmed that this bug …

Nov 7, 2010:

10:42 AM Ticket #4484 (Regression: Combination of GADTs and Type families) created by sjoerd_visscher
The function "fails" compiles in 6.12.3 but not in 7.1 HEAD. […] The …
10:29 AM Ticket #4483 (Offside rule for function definitions) created by gidyn
10:25 AM Ticket #4482 (Allow type variables to be instantiated as a typeclass) created by gidyn
Allow code such as […] This would eliminate the need for manual wrapper …
10:15 AM Ticket #4481 (Functor, Pointed, Applicative, Monad) created by gidyn
As pointed out on …
7:40 AM Ticket #4480 (System.Directory.canonicalizePath gives bad result) closed by benl
worksforme: Nevermind, look's like it's fixed in the head.

Nov 6, 2010:

11:48 PM Ticket #4480 (System.Directory.canonicalizePath gives bad result) created by erikd
Running ghci on linux with an empty path gives different wrong results …
7:50 PM Ticket #4479 (Add Type Directed Name Resolution) created by gidyn
A request to implement …
3:24 PM Ticket #4478 (Exporting the same entity twice should not be a warning) created by kosmikus
Here is a minimal sample module: […] This module results in a lot of …
2:26 PM Ticket #4477 (GHC (without -XBangPatterns) silently accepts bang patterns in outermost ...) created by dons
GHC 6.8, 6.12, 7.0 at least accept bang patterns on the outside of …
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5:19 AM UnresolvedInfixExpressions created by reinerp
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