Oct 7, 2010:

6:24 PM Ticket #4377 (sizedText function for Text.PrettyPrint) created by lerkok
The Text.PrettyPrint library has a text function for converting …
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11:42 AM Ticket #4376 (Unexpected failures in testsuite due to .ghci) created by daniel.is.fischer
Running the testsuite, I get e.g. […] since it reads ~/.ghci. I think …
6:39 AM Ticket #4241 (Optimization causes HUnit to behave incorrectly) closed by beej175560
fixed: I confirm this is fixed in 6.12.3.

Oct 6, 2010:

9:23 PM Ticket #4375 (read :: String -> StdGen behaves oddly with respect to documentation.) created by ConorMcBride
Says the documentation: "read may be used to map an arbitrary string (not …
3:11 PM Ticket #4374 (Remove in-tree gmp) created by igloo
We already have the binary GMP DLL for Windows in the GHC tree. We should …
2:31 PM Ticket #4373 (Lexer does not handle unicode numeric subscripts) created by liamoc
Hi all, I would fix this myself but the GHC Lexer looks rather fragile …
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10:16 AM Ticket #4372 (Extending quasiquotation support) created by simonpj
Gershom Bazerman (gershomb@…) writes: Attached is an experimental …
10:04 AM Ticket #4371 (ghc panic: ToDo: Match.viewLExprEq) created by mafo
The attached test-case triggers a ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) …
8:28 AM Ticket #2455 (Building ticky-ticky profiling libraries doesn't work) closed by simonmar
wontfix: Irrelevant now - we don't have a -ticky way any more.
8:10 AM Status/SLPJ-Tickets edited by simonpj
7:43 AM Ticket #4370 (Bring back monad comprehensions) created by simonpj
George Giorgidze writes: My colleagues and I are working on Haskell …

Oct 5, 2010:

10:41 PM Building/Porting edited by aogail
Updated touch command; see … (diff)
9:58 PM Building/Porting edited by igloo
Fix … (diff)
7:10 PM BugSweep edited by michalt
Remove closed tickets. (diff)
6:18 PM Ticket #4369 (No instances for Eq and Ord for Located e) created by tibbe
There are no Eq and Ord instances for Located e. Such instances …
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tweaks (diff)
3:59 PM Ticket #3508 (Remove stg_noforceIO_info hack) closed by simonmar
fixed: Done […]
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link to justification for buildbot switch (diff)
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link to wiki page for Builder (replacement for buildbot) (diff)
2:27 PM Ticket #4034 (GHC > 6.10 fails to build on PowerPC / MacOS X Leopard) closed by maeder
fixed: I could create a binary dist for ghc-7 RC1 (that will hopefully do to …
2:04 PM Ticket #4368 (T4144(dyn) failing on x86/Linux) created by simonmar
1:32 PM Ticket #4367 (Compiler space regression in 7.0.1 RC 1) created by igloo
There's a compiler space regresion in 7.0.1 RC 1. Seems to be around a …
12:05 PM Ticket #4366 (in-tree GMP build problem with shared libraries) created by simonmar
Reported by Vivian McPhail <haskell.vivian.mcphail@…> on …
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Oct 4, 2010:

5:51 PM Ticket #4365 (Error handle in readProcess not closed) created by guest
I guess this is almost harmless, as GC will close them anyway, but since …
5:27 PM Ticket #4364 (Template Haskell: Cycle in type synonym declarations) created by igloo
type-level-numbers-0.1 doesn't build with 7.0.1 RC 1. Here's the …
9:28 AM Ticket #4363 (openFile sharing permissions are inconsistent across platforms) created by jystic
System.IO.openFile seems to have inconsistent behaviour across platforms …
12:49 AM Ticket #4362 (error in multithreaded program "epollControl: does not exist (No such file ...) created by guest
I wrote a program that is a standard multi threaded tcp server. It listens …

Oct 3, 2010:

4:50 PM Ticket #4282 (Proposal: make Data.List.intersperse and intercalate less strict) closed by igloo
fixed: Applied, thanks
4:09 PM Ticket #4361 (Typechecker regression) created by igloo
Here's the essence of the regression DoCon showed up, reported here: …
1:20 PM Ticket #4360 (compiler crash building hashed-storage 0.5.3) created by ganesh
[…] This happens with cabal install hashed-storage-0.5.3, but …

Oct 2, 2010:

11:57 PM Ticket #4359 (Implement lambda-case/lambda-if) created by batterseapower
I put together a patch for this Haskell' proposal …
10:42 PM Ticket #4323 (Change implementation of intersectBy) closed by igloo
fixed: Patch applied, thanks.
10:42 PM Ticket #4228 (atanh (-1) returns NaN instead of -Infinity) closed by igloo
fixed: Patch applied, thanks.
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