Jul 14, 2010:

7:59 PM Ticket #4191 (Replace -fstrict-dicts with programmer-custom strictness annotations for ...) created by LouisWasserman
Could we perhaps add syntax that looks like […] to indicate that a …
5:04 PM CrossCompilation edited by igloo
4:39 PM CrossCompilation edited by igloo
4:37 PM CrossCompilation edited by igloo
8:24 AM Ticket #4190 (Poor error message for unrecognised flag in GHCi's :set) created by simonmar
[…] There's no error message, just a non-existent location, and the …
6:37 AM Ticket #4189 ((<.>) operator (generalizing (.) to Functor)) created by uzytkownik
Currently there are following operators: […] However defining the …

Jul 13, 2010:

7:43 PM Ticket #4188 (Template Haskell support for reifying non-vanilla data constructors) created by illissius
Apart from not supporting GADT syntax, Template Haskell also doesn't …
6:20 PM Ticket #4187 (Seg fault with Text.Regex) created by kfisher
I have been seeing ghci seg fault, hang, or exit with the error: …
12:55 PM Status/SLPJ-Tickets edited by simonpj
12:19 PM Ticket #4173 (Bad warning from quoted instance) closed by simonpj
fixed: Fixed by […] and […]
12:14 PM Ticket #4136 (Automatically derived Read of operator is not inverse of automatically ...) closed by simonpj
fixed: Good point. Fixed by […] and […] Simon

Jul 12, 2010:

8:08 PM Ticket #4186 (-dcore-lint and -fstrict-dicts break anything that uses a type class) created by LouisWasserman
[…] 4181 may be an instance of this.
5:47 PM Ticket #4185 (Deriving higher-arity instances for newtype family instances fails) created by LouisWasserman
[…] fails with […] Attempting to use StandaloneDeriving?: […] …
12:45 PM Ticket #4184 (Squirrelly inliner behaviour leads to 80x slowdown) created by bos
Recently, I switched the mwc-random package …
12:47 AM Ticket #4183 (The ghc-asm created by OSX installer has a broken shebang for ...) created by GregoryCollins
The version of ghc-asm bundled with the OSX binary installer has a shebang …

Jul 11, 2010:

10:26 AM Changeset in process [f5a7093]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Fix comment typo and whitespace
7:55 AM Changeset in process [d903e18]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Simon Hengel <simon.hengel@…>
Correct documentation of readProcess * The return type is not 'Either (ExitCode, String) String', it is just 'String' * readProcess does not return stderr + stdout, it returns just stdout

Jul 10, 2010:

6:33 PM Commentary/Compiler/Backends/LLVM/Installing edited by nathanhowell

Jul 9, 2010:

8:45 PM Building/Preparation/Linux edited by bpt
list debian package names (e.g. glibc-dev -> libc6-dev) (diff)
1:21 PM Ticket #4035 (Asynchronous exception wormholes kill modularity) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed; see #1036.
1:19 PM Ticket #1036 (Asynchronous exceptions improvements) closed by simonmar
fixed: Done: […] and […]
1:16 PM Ticket #3944 (Asynchronous exceptions and laziness bugs (with fixes) in ...) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed: […]
1:15 PM Ticket #2208 (many .xml files for the User's Manual force xml-mode in emacs) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed: […]
9:06 AM Ticket #4182 (GHC fails when -H flag is passed) closed by simonmar
fixed: Thanks for the report; looks like this one is fixed in HEAD: […]
8:01 AM Ticket #4182 (GHC fails when -H flag is passed) created by guest
>>ghc -H ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) (GHC version 6.10.4 for …
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