Jun 17, 2010:

10:58 PM Ticket #4095 (add Applicative instance for Either) closed by ross
fixed: Supported by Edward Kmett, Henning Thielemann, Yitzchak Gale, Bas van Dijk …
10:11 PM Ticket #4104 (ghc-pkg refuses to register packages if some include directories don't ...) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed by: […]
9:50 PM Ticket #4140 (dynHelloWorld(dyn) fails in an unreg build) created by igloo
In an unregisterised build, dynHelloWorld(dyn) is failing: there is …
8:27 PM Ticket #3663 (Unreg build fails when haddocking dph-seq) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed by: […]
5:19 PM Ticket #781 (GHCi on x86_64, cannot link to static data in shared libs) closed by igloo
fixed: The session in the description now works, and getEnvironment01 passes …

Jun 16, 2010:

4:23 PM Ticket #4139 (Spurious non-exhaustive pattern match warnings are given using GADTs) created by blarsen
When using slightly complicated GADTs, GHC gives me erroneous …
3:57 PM Ticket #4138 (Performance regression in overloading) created by simonmar
The following program goes 25% slower with HEAD compared to 6.12.3: …
11:21 AM Ticket #4137 (real/veritas/DerivedRules.hs features invalid multibyte/wide char) created by TristanAllwood
Around line 113 of real/veritas/DerivedRules.hs features the …

Jun 15, 2010:

4:37 PM Ticket #4080 (Use libcharset instead of nl_langinfo(CODESET) if possible.) closed by igloo
fixed: Applied.
4:37 PM Ticket #4109 (Make Data.Map.insertWith' and friends consistently force the value ...) closed by igloo
fixed: Patch applied.
4:36 PM Ticket #3232 (Remove registerised -fvia-C) closed by igloo
fixed: -fvia-c is now deprecated, and will be removed in a future release.
3:23 PM Ticket #4136 (Automatically derived Read of operator is not inverse of automatically ...) created by dsf
This program fails as shown below using ghc 6.13 snapshot 20100519 […] …
1:58 PM Ticket #4049 (Support for ABI versioning of C libraries) closed by simonmar
wontfix: In GHC we don't currently support the kind of ABI versioning you get in C …
1:33 PM Ticket #4123 (Control.Concurrent.MVar doesn't need to depend on the Prelude) closed by simonmar
fixed: Done. The attached patch depended on a patch by bos that I don't have, so …
1:32 PM Ticket #4122 (Data.Monoid doesn't need to depend on the Prelude) closed by simonmar
fixed: Done. The attached patch depended on a patch by bos that I don't have, so …
1:31 PM Ticket #4057 (Modifying TVar after calling always causes freeze/spin in GHCi) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed: […]
11:35 AM Ticket #4039 (problems with semaphores in ghc-6.10.4 unix- closed by simonmar
fixed: I think this is probably the bug we fixed in this patch: […] The fix …
10:10 AM Commentary/Compiler/Backends/LLVM/DevelopmentNotes edited by dterei
Add repa segfault (diff)
7:19 AM Ticket #4127 (Template haskell instance declaration quotations with members don't work ...) closed by simonpj
fixed: Excellent point. You've flushed out a long-lurking bug -- thank you. …
2:49 AM Ticket #4135 (Can't Quote Instance Associated Types in Template Haskell) created by Ashley Yakeley
Give this a whirl: […] […]

Jun 14, 2010:

9:45 PM Ticket #4134 (ghc-pkg register should reject relative paths) created by duncan
Consider this output from ghc-pkg describe […] This relative path is …
5:05 PM Ticket #4126 (Order of members reversed when a template haskell instance declaration ...) closed by simonpj
fixed: Excellent point. Thanks for reporting this. Fixed by […] It's fairly …
3:57 PM Ticket #4120 (Iface type variable out of scope in cast) closed by simonpj
fixed: Fixed by […] Simon
10:39 AM Ticket #3763 (make -j8 fails for ghc-6.12.1-pre) closed by igloo
fixed: Thanks for the report. Happily, this is already fixed in the HEAD. 6.12 …
10:12 AM Ticket #4125 (Template haskell rejects duplicate instances before they're spliced) closed by simonpj

Jun 13, 2010:

8:10 PM Ticket #4119 (File buffering isn't flushed at exit) closed by igloo
invalid: This is an example of how finalizers aren't guaranteed to be run. If you …
7:46 PM Ticket #4116 (Type supplement for constructor specific uses of sum types) closed by igloo
invalid: I think a proposal for a type system extension like this would be better …
7:04 PM Ticket #4133 (-fvia-C option does not work on ppc with Linux) closed by igloo
wontfix: PPC/Linux is not a tier 1 platform, so we don't actively …
6:49 PM Ticket #4133 (-fvia-C option does not work on ppc with Linux) created by Mikolaj
Tested on the just released 6.12.3 and Debian's ghc6_6.12.1-13, processor …
6:25 PM Ticket #4113 (canonicalizePath "" returns noise) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed: […] It already seems to be fixed on Windows.
5:16 PM Ticket #4130 (Shared Object of libHShaskell98 Not Found) closed by igloo
fixed: If this is 6.12-only then it's not an issue as we don't intend to do any …
5:14 PM Ticket #4132 (Generate .o, .dyn_o, .p_o etc. simultaneously) closed by igloo
wontfix: Not as much work can be shared as you might expect. For example, when …
1:42 PM Changeset in directory [96d3478]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8patch-5014 by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Check for a NULL result from realpath; fixes #4113 on non-Windows
1:08 PM CodeOwners edited by juhpetersen
update Fedora to Haskell SIG (diff)
1:05 PM CodeOwners edited by juhpetersen
fedora extras is long part of part (diff)
11:52 AM Ticket #4061 (Implement mutually recursive view patterns) closed by igloo
wontfix: I'm closing this ticket as we don't see a way to make progress on it.
10:56 AM Ticket #4054 (Configure script for Linux binary does not check for libgmp) closed by igloo
wontfix: Thanks for the report. However, the bindist configure script isn't …
10:45 AM Ticket #4042 (Order of declarations affects the correctness of reported error.) closed by igloo
Didn't get merged.
4:36 AM Ticket #4132 (Generate .o, .dyn_o, .p_o etc. simultaneously) created by ksf
I guesstimate there's a lot of work being unnecessarily duplicated when …

Jun 12, 2010:

11:21 PM WikiStart edited by Mikolaj
hurray! we have a new release! (diff)
7:52 PM Ticket #4111 (Sample GHCi session for 6.12.1 user guide shows 6.8.1) closed by igloo
fixed: Applied, thanks: […]
9:45 AM Ticket #4131 (Crash in messageBlackHole() on SPARC) closed by benl
7:00 AM Milestone 6.12.3 completed
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