Jun 7, 2010:

8:21 PM Ticket #4118 (GHC forces gcc version on mingw32) closed by duncan
wontfix: This is the intended behaviour. We cannot by default rely on an existing …
3:31 PM Ticket #4121 (Refactor the plumbing of CafInfo to make it more robust) created by dterei
While comping GHC Head using the devel1 flavour and ghc-6.12.2 as the …
7:52 AM Ticket #4120 (Iface type variable out of scope in cast) created by benl
Compiling the following module against vector-0.6 or 0.7: […] …

Jun 6, 2010:

11:58 AM Ticket #3982 (Random instance for Double can generate values out of requested range) closed by igloo
fixed: Applied, thanks!
11:47 AM Ticket #3984 (Handle multiline input in GHCi history) closed by igloo
fixed: Applied, thanks!

Jun 5, 2010:

10:48 AM Ticket #4119 (File buffering isn't flushed at exit) created by EyalLotem
In C, there's an atexit handler to fflush all FILE* files. In most other …

Jun 4, 2010:

9:41 PM Ticket #4118 (GHC forces gcc version on mingw32) created by uzytkownik
GHC forces internal gcc version on mingw32 instead of using system one.
9:38 PM Ticket #4117 (GHC does not accept --srcdir) created by uzytkownik
GHC does not accept --srcdir during building. (Yes - I know of error but …
8:18 PM Ticket #3947 (ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)) closed by simonmar
duplicate: Dup of #3435.
5:54 PM Ticket #4116 (Type supplement for constructor specific uses of sum types) created by gabrielrf
Benefits: Avoid error calls (runtime), exception control and Maybe …
3:05 PM Ticket #4115 (hsc2hs puts linker flags before object file, causes linker errors) created by guest
I'm trying to write a Haskell wrapper for a C library (called unibilium) …
12:53 PM Ticket #4107 (Extra parens in error message's displayed code) closed by simonpj
fixed: Good point. Fixed by […] Simon

Jun 3, 2010:

4:42 PM Commentary/Rts/Config edited by henrique
1:42 PM Ticket #4076 (Add Applicative instance for STM) closed by simonmar
fixed: Done: […]
1:41 PM Ticket #4077 (Move MonadPlus instance for STM from Control.Monad.STM to GHC.Conc) closed by simonmar
fixed: Done, adding some version #ifdefs so as not to break the stm package for …
1:39 PM Ticket #4100 (ghci should use UserInterrupt exception from base, not private Interrupted ...) closed by simonmar
fixed: Done: […]
1:38 PM Ticket #4106 (undefined reference to `__stg_EAGER_BLACKHOLE_INFO') closed by simonmar
fixed: Please try now: […] re-open the ticket if the problem still persists.
1:37 PM Ticket #4103 (report location of global package db in ghc --info) closed by simonmar
11:34 AM Commentary/Compiler/Backends/LLVM/DevelopmentNotes edited by dterei
Add bug about HRay crashing (diff)

Jun 2, 2010:

9:37 PM Ticket #4114 (Add a flag to remove/delete intermediate files generated by GHC) created by guest
See for example …
6:34 PM Ticket #4113 (canonicalizePath "" returns noise) created by bkomuves
Apparently […] returns random noise on both Windows and Linux (GHC …
1:59 PM Ticket #4112 (Building GHC with local libgmp.a fails) created by Itkovian
I am trying to build the darcs head of GHC on a platform where I have no …
1:39 PM Ticket #3181 (Regression in unboxing) closed by igloo
invalid: No response from submitter, so closing.
8:24 AM Changeset in directory [d9a2731]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8patch-5014 by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
Allow base-4.3
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