May 12, 2010:

9:02 PM Ticket #4067 (Building haskeline- with Mac OS X and GHC-6.12.2 fails with ...) created by thorkilnaur
Building haskeline- with […] fails with […] Best regards …
1:11 PM Ticket #4066 (hSetEncoding only sets the encoding for the read side of a duplex Handle) created by simonmar
For example, calling hSetEncoding on a socket only works for reading, …
8:12 AM Ticket #4065 (Inconsistent loop performance) created by rl
Here are two small benchmarks: […] On my laptop, I consistently get a …
7:36 AM Ticket #4064 (SpecConstr broken for NOINLINE loops in 6.13) created by rl
Example: […] This is what GHC generates: […] At the moment, we …

May 11, 2010:

4:14 PM Ticket #4063 (target "is not a module name or a source file") created by beroal
Create a standalone Haskell program "/tmp/delme.hs". Then do […] We …
1:31 PM Building/Troubleshooting edited by simonpj
1:30 PM Ticket #4062 (Bad choice of loop breaker?) created by rl
When compiling …
1:30 PM Building/Troubleshooting edited by simonpj
9:50 AM Ticket #4061 (Implement mutually recursive view patterns) created by batterseapower
I got bit by the fact that mutually recursive view patterns don't work …
9:41 AM Ticket #4060 (runhaskell Setup register fails with "internal error: unexpected package ...) created by mrothe
I built 6.12.2 using the already installed (and working) ghc-6.12.1. I …

May 10, 2010:

2:30 PM Ticket #4059 (possible error in foreign wrapper reentering Haskell) closed by simonmar
duplicate: Thanks for the detailed report. This is another instance of #4038, and as …
11:58 AM Ticket #4059 (possible error in foreign wrapper reentering Haskell) created by aruiz
The following simple code works as expected in 6.12.1, 6.10, and all …
9:15 AM Ticket #4058 (improve error message: Module `System.IO' does not export `LineBuffering') created by simonmar
LineBuffering is a constructor, and System.IO definitely does export …
7:46 AM Ticket #4055 (Incorrect parsing of declarations) closed by simonpj
duplicate: Yes, this is a dup of #4042, which I fixed last week. It's because the …

May 9, 2010:

7:24 PM Ticket #4057 (Modifying TVar after calling always causes freeze/spin in GHCi) created by Baughn
The attached code, if run under GHCi, causes GHCi to freeze while spinning …
6:58 PM Ticket #3852 (Building GHC 6.12.1 with Cabal 1.9.0 installed) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed in 6.12 branch and HEAD. […]
3:04 PM Ticket #4056 (GHC panic with small TH code) created by verdelyi
2:43 PM Ticket #4031 (Build broken with cygwin make 3.81) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed in HEAD and 6.12 branch. […]
12:32 AM Ticket #3913 (array should depend on base >= closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed in 6.12 by: […]
12:32 AM Ticket #4038 (segmentation fault between GHC-6.12.2 and gtk2hs) closed by igloo
fixed: Merged.
12:31 AM Ticket #4029 (ghci leaks memory when loading a file) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed in 6.12 by: […]

May 8, 2010:

4:53 PM Ticket #4055 (Incorrect parsing of declarations) created by diatchki
GHC's parser seems to accept incorrect Haskell programs, which leads to …
4:39 PM Ticket #4054 (Configure script for Linux binary does not check for libgmp) created by diatchki
The "configure" script packaged with the binary distribution downloadable …
3:11 PM Ticket #4053 (Incorrect install-name for dynamic Darwin rts.) created by PHO
rts/ghc.mk doesn't properly set install-name for dynamic rts libraries on …

May 7, 2010:

8:56 PM Ticket #3964 (Impossible happened when using ViewPattern in Arrows) closed by igloo
fixed: Merged.
8:56 PM Ticket #3965 ('deriving Data' compilation regression 6.10.1 -> 6.12.1) closed by igloo
fixed: Merged
2:59 PM Ticket #4042 (Order of declarations affects the correctness of reported error.) closed by simonpj
fixed: Right. Fixed by […] Now you get […] At least that's what happens …
1:51 PM Building/Using edited by simonpj
1:33 PM Ticket #3922 (nameModule panic when building numbers package) closed by simonpj
fixed: Thanks for a helpful report. I've fixed this, but it was a while ago now. …
12:38 PM Ticket #4052 (Two sided sections) created by aavogt
Allow sections to be functions of two arguments: […] Where the …
10:08 AM Ticket #4051 (ghci :m command doesn't work with module names containing ') created by nomeata
This bug was filed on the Debian bug tracker at …
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