Apr 20, 2010:

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2:00 PM Ticket #3997 (Lazy I/O and asynchronous exceptions don't mix well) created by simonmar
This program: […] results in […] when really it should just wait …
1:22 PM Ticket #3932 (haddock.exe: internal error: awaitRequests: odd thread state) closed by simonmar
worksforme: I didn't see this in a recent validate, so I'm assuming it is fixed. …
1:21 PM Ticket #3987 (haddock: segmentation fault) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed: […]

Apr 19, 2010:

8:22 PM Ticket #3996 (bug in GHC when compiling HOC (SVN revision 413)) created by andrewe
I'm trying to compile the Haskell Cocoa binding HOC on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow …
6:19 PM Ticket #3995 (Comment delimiters ignored inside compiler pragma) created by heatsink
GHC accepts some pragmas that are not valid comments because of embedded …
3:59 PM Ticket #3994 (Add support for creating and interrupting process groups) created by hamish
This patch introduces the following to System.Process new_group
3:06 PM Ticket #3989 (Parallel GC with more -N than physical processors gives dramatic slowdown ...) closed by simonmar
duplicate: Thanks for the report; closing as duplicate of [[TicketQuery(...)]] …
2:49 PM Ticket #3918 (Got internal error: stg_ap_v_ret when call forkProcess) closed by simonmar
invalid: The submitter says we can close the ticket, providing these notes: […] …
2:45 PM Ticket #3969 (Poor performance of generated code on x86.) closed by simonmar
wontfix: This is exactly the kind of thing that LLVM and the new backend will fix. …
2:24 PM Ticket #3967 (Adding heap profiling RTS options causes segfault) closed by simonmar
worksforme: Works for me using today's HEAD. I don't recall fixing anything that …

Apr 18, 2010:

5:26 PM Changeset in unix [88aeb7a]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Matthias Kilian <kili@…>
Provide a dummy input file for queryfdoption01

Apr 17, 2010:

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2:21 PM Ticket #3992 (Redundant import warning is sometimes not correct) closed by igloo
fixed: Thanks for the report. Happily, this is already fixed (i.e. you don't get …
2:03 PM Ticket #3991 (One function missing in Data.Map) closed by igloo
wontfix: Can you please make a proposal for this using the …
2:01 PM Ticket #3988 (Spelling correction in LANGUAGE pragmas) closed by igloo
fixed: Applied, thanks!
1:07 AM Ticket #3993 (allow implicit parameter bindings in patterns) created by aavogt
It could work like such: […] becoming something like […] Of …

Apr 16, 2010:

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Fix link :) (diff)
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Add OpenSSL on FreeBSD (diff)

Apr 15, 2010:

10:05 PM Ticket #3992 (Redundant import warning is sometimes not correct) created by basvandijk
When working on my usb-safe library I just discovered a warning message …
4:58 AM Ticket #3991 (One function missing in Data.Map) created by plmday
Isn't the function adjustLookupWithKey missing in Data.Map? …
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