Apr 9, 2010:

9:15 PM Ticket #3970 (ghc-pkg list segfaults in ghc- closed by simonmar
duplicate: also submitted as #3971
4:50 PM Ticket #3971 (FFI callback segfaults on PPC) created by wkahl
ghc-pkg has been segfaulting ever since I installed ghc- on …
4:50 PM Ticket #3970 (ghc-pkg list segfaults in ghc- created by wkahl
ghc-pkg has been segfaulting ever since I installed ghc- on …
4:47 PM Status/SLPJ-Tickets edited by simonpj
3:57 PM Ticket #3969 (Poor performance of generated code on x86.) created by milan
When implementing a hash function of ByteStrings, I found the Haskell …
3:37 PM Ticket #3968 (DoRec not supported, but RecursiveDo deprecated) created by m4dc4p
GHC 6.12.1 reports that the RecursiveDo pragma has been deprecated in …
1:14 PM Ticket #3956 (GHC6.12.2-RC1 runtime error: Invalid object in isRetainer(): 32) closed by igloo
fixed: Here's the stack trace of it going wrong: […] The problem was that …
12:48 PM Ticket #3967 (Adding heap profiling RTS options causes segfault) created by tibbe
Adding either -hy or -hc causes a segfault in the thread-delay
10:29 AM Commentary/Libraries edited by simonpj
9:25 AM Status/Apr10 created by simonpj

Apr 8, 2010:

4:25 PM Ticket #2615 (ghci doesn't play nice with linker scripts) reopened by igloo
Try merging this into 6.12.3: …
2:25 PM Ticket #3966 (Warn about useless UNPACK pragmas) created by tibbe
I have on several occasions seen code with useless UNPACK pragmas. …
1:12 PM Ticket #3965 ('deriving Data' compilation regression 6.10.1 -> 6.12.1) created by ronwalf
Compiling the attached file in GHC 6.12.1 gives the following error, when …
8:00 AM Ticket #3964 (Impossible happened when using ViewPattern in Arrows) created by uzytkownik
When I try to load file in ghci impossible happened: […] Problematic …

Apr 7, 2010:

3:44 PM Commentary/Compiler/GeneratedCode created by batterseapower
Initial commit
2:29 PM Commentary/Compiler edited by batterseapower
1:34 PM Ticket #3963 (Entered absent arg) created by LouisWasserman
I have little to no idea of how to produce a minimal test case, but the …
9:06 AM Ticket #3962 (Add flipped fmap) created by basvandijk
The Applicative apply <*> and Monadic bind >>= both have …

Apr 6, 2010:

3:48 PM Ticket #3838 (Performance issues with blackholes) closed by simonmar
fixed: Patches committed today. The main ones are: […]
3:23 PM GitForDarcsUsers edited by guest
3:03 PM CodeOwners edited by pgj
Remove Simon Marlow from FreeBSD/i386 maintainers: he is not working with … (diff)
3:01 PM Building/QuickStart edited by tibbe
Added some missing whitespace (diff)
8:59 AM Ticket #3958 (method definitions fail to refer to method-context classes) closed by simonpj
invalid: The error message is quite right. 'g' has type […] In the instnace for …
8:32 AM Ticket #3961 (-O results in incorrect behavior) created by RichardG
HUnit ships with a set of unit tests. Incorrect behavior occurs …

Apr 5, 2010:

10:13 PM Ticket #3960 (ghc panic when attempting to compile DPH code) created by jwlato
the function "tmpfn" in the attached code causes ghc to panic (the …
6:56 PM Ticket #3957 (Validating on a PPC Mac OS X: Fix 2 errors and a warning) closed by igloo
fixed: Patches looks good, applied; thanks!
5:22 PM CodeOwners edited by pgj
Update contacts for FreeBSD (diff)
12:04 PM Ticket #3959 (indenting change causes internal error) created by RichardG
I found a bizarre little bug in GHC 6.12.1 on Mac OS X 10.6 (Haskell …

Apr 4, 2010:

10:34 PM Ticket #3958 (method definitions fail to refer to method-context classes) created by visionete
Sorry in advance if this is my lack of understanding... The …
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7:17 PM DarcsRepositories edited by SamB
7:16 PM DarcsRepositories edited by SamB
Mention a darcs2 mirror of the HEAD (diff)
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