Sep 28, 2009:

9:38 PM Ticket #3550 (Dynamic libraries don't work on Mac OS/X) created by StephenBlackheath
GHC doesn't build properly on Mac OS/X when dynamic library support is …
8:38 PM Changeset in ghc [40d0595]coerciblecoloured-coredata-kind-syntaxghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8ghc-lwc2ghc-new-flavorghc-spjlate-lam-liftlocal-gcmonad-compno-pred-tysdocsupercompilertc-untouchablesth-new-7.6wip/T4404wip/T5084wip/T7704wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8592wip/T8776wip/T8959wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/T9023wip/T9136wip/ampwip/cbv-conv-thunkwip/common-contextwip/ermsbwip/exprAritywip/ext-solverwip/generics-propeqwip/nested-cprwip/orfwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compatwip/simdwip/th-new by Stephen Blackheath <oversensitive.pastors.stephen@…>
Force -fPIC when linking against dynamic libraries on Mac OS/X. Otherwise you get /tmp/ghc7602_0/ghc7602_0.s:207:0: non-relocatable subtraction expression, "___stginit_Lib_dyn" minus "L1x2;4" /tmp/ghc7602_0/ghc7602_0.s:207:0: symbol: "___stginit_Lib_dyn" can't be undefined in a subtraction expression
4:20 PM Ticket #3549 (unlit does not follow H98 spec) created by duncan
The Haskell 98 spec has this to say about the …
3:33 PM Commentary/SourceTree edited by simonpj
1:37 PM Changeset in ghc [f851958]ghc-7.8wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8776wip/T8959wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/T9023wip/T9136wip/ampwip/ermsbwip/ext-solverwip/generics-propeqwip/nested-cprwip/orfwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compat by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
tweak acceptable limits for T3294
1:37 PM Changeset in testsuite [de2aef6]at-defaultsatomicsdata-kind-syntaxencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-deferghc-new-comonad-compno-pred-tyoverlapping-tyfamspatch-4404patch-5014patch-5084tc-untouchablesth-newtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-argumentsunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/th-new by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
tweak acceptable limits for T3294
1:23 PM Ticket #3548 (test T3294 incorrectly reported as error for unregistered build) created by dterei
The testsuite test, T3294 is incorrectly reported as an error when the …
12:00 PM Ticket #3547 (Improve granularity of UndecidableInstances) created by ksf
Currently, as a LANGUAGE pragma, UndecidableInstances can only be set once …
3:45 AM Ticket #3546 (Use of float type in unregistered build freezes program) created by dterei
If you compile a ghc HEAD version in unregistered mode there is a bug that …

Sep 27, 2009:

9:14 PM Ticket #3545 (As-patterns for type signatures) created by LouisWasserman
The proposal: in any type signature, the presence of type variable x@pat …
8:30 PM Ticket #3544 (Add instance IsString ShowS where fromString = showString) created by basvandijk
It would be really nice to use …
3:14 PM Ticket #3400 (OS X: ghc broken on Snow Leopard) reopened by GregoryCollins
I don't think that the advice on the mailing list is enough to fix all of …

Sep 25, 2009:

11:12 PM Ticket #3543 (-fext-core doesn't force recompilation when .hcr file doesn't exist) created by tim
If I do: ghc -o foo foo.hs and then immediately afterward: ghc -fext-core …
10:49 PM Ticket #3542 (ghc-cabal deadlocks) created by igloo
Trying to build an OS X installer is currently deadlocking when […] …
4:06 PM DarcsConversion/Building/GettingTheSources edited by andersk
Git tracks the executable bit, so no need for chmod +x. (diff)
2:06 PM Ticket #3541 (Allow local foreign imports) created by mokus
I have no idea the level of difficulty this would entail, but it would be …

Sep 24, 2009:

5:39 PM Ticket #3505 (type mismatch error message with operator sections counts the arguments ...) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed, thanks.
5:39 PM Ticket #3521 (ld on mac won't allow -rpath unless you specify macosx_version_min 10.5) closed by igloo
fixed: Applied, thanks!
1:29 PM Ticket #3513 (Network package does not work on Windows 2000) closed by igloo
invalid: This looks like a bug in the network package. Please file a ticket on the …
9:45 AM Ticket #3494 (missing build system dependency) reopened by simonmar
Couldn't we make ghc-cabal depend on `$(wildcard …
9:17 AM Ticket #3536 (ghci doesn't resolve libm symbols properly on Windows) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed […]
2:34 AM Ticket #3540 (Parser accepts malformed types with implicit parameters) created by benl
The parser in GHC 6.11 currently accepts this: […] Where the type …
12:24 AM Ticket #3503 (Add __attribute__((constructor))-equivalent pragma) closed by igloo
wontfix: I'm going to close this ticket, due to the lack of consensus that it …

Sep 23, 2009:

11:42 PM Ticket #3494 (missing build system dependency) closed by igloo
invalid: The problem is that this is really part of the build system. When we build …
10:11 PM Ticket #2969 (unix package built wrong on Solaris) closed by igloo
fixed: Test added to the unix package, thanks!
8:44 PM Ticket #3539 (internal error: ASSERTION FAILED: file sm/Evac.c, line 368) created by elaforge
Searching trac for "ASSERTION FAILED" or Evac.c didn't turn this up, so …
7:48 PM Changeset in unix [c952321]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Add a test from trac #2969
6:43 PM Ticket #3493 ("make install" fails with error on rts/Config.h in HEAD) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed; installing ghc-
6:43 PM Ticket #3481 (Nightly snapshot fails to install) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed; installing ghc-
6:42 PM Ticket #3448 (Error with .so files in HEAD snapshot distribution) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed; installing ghc-
3:30 PM Ticket #1876 (Complete shared library support) closed by simonmar
fixed: Shared libs are working on Linux in 6.12.1. We should open separate …
1:29 PM Building/Installing edited by simonmar
document DESTDIR (diff)
12:46 PM Ticket #3531 (Haddock needs tcRnGetInfo, hence GhcWithInterpreter YES) reopened by igloo
Is there a reason for this function to be enabled only if GHCi is?
12:44 PM Ticket #3538 (ghc 6.10.4 freebsd panic for language pragma of form: -foobar) closed by igloo
fixed: Thanks for the report. Happily, this is already fixed in the HEAD.
11:06 AM Ticket #3538 (ghc 6.10.4 freebsd panic for language pragma of form: -foobar) created by kasse
I am learning haskell, sorry if this is an irrelevant bug. Just following …
10:49 AM Ticket #3537 (Add missing NFData instances to parallel) created by Roel van Dijk
9:53 AM Ticket #3534 (hSetBinaryMode fails after some input has been read) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed […]
9:53 AM Ticket #3531 (Haddock needs tcRnGetInfo, hence GhcWithInterpreter YES) closed by simonmar
fixed: Pushed, thanks! […]
8:35 AM Ticket #3535 (GHC Panic compiling hgalib-0.2) closed by simonmar
fixed: The hgalib package has some .hi files in it - please contact the …
4:47 AM Ticket #3536 (ghci doesn't resolve libm symbols properly on Windows) created by augustss
The erf package on hackage uses the libm functions erf and erfc. This all …
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