Apr 10, 2009:

11:38 PM Ticket #3164 (ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) while building pandoc on a macbook) created by simonmic
8:58 PM Supercompilation created by pejo
7:06 PM Ticket #3163 (GADTs should not allow polymorphism in return type) created by Scott Turner
[…] I wanted the quantified types to match and the code to get past the …
5:01 PM Ticket #3159 (QSem fails with negative quantities) closed by igloo
fixed: "Simple quantity semaphores" can't have negative amounts available; the …
4:56 PM Ticket #3162 (Windows users can't compile time package) closed by igloo
invalid: The time package isn't needed to build GHC, so build problems with it …
4:40 PM Changeset in base [f779a4e]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Fix QSem and QSemN: Initial amount must be non-negative
4:40 PM Changeset in ghc [b12c687]wip/T8959wip/T9136wip/ampwip/ermsbwip/ext-solverwip/generics-propeqwip/orfwip/pattern-synonyms by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Fix QSem and QSemN: Initial amount must be non-negative
3:26 PM Ticket #3147 (Testsuite for 6.10.2 fails if ghc is not already installed.) closed by igloo
fixed: Applied, thanks!
3:10 PM Ticket #3136 (monad syntax extension) closed by igloo
invalid: I agree with Neil; I think a design needs to be worked out in another …
3:03 PM Ticket #3148 (build failure of GHC 6.10.2 release on arm-unknown-linux platform) closed by igloo
invalid: I'm afraid registerised builds aren't supported on arm, so you'll need …
2:39 PM Ticket #3158 (Linker error (libffi.so.5) in 6.10.2 x86-Linux binary distribution) closed by igloo
duplicate: Thanks for the report. You need to install the Debian libffi5 package. …
12:34 PM ReplacingGMPNotes edited by igloo

Apr 9, 2009:

4:56 PM Ticket #3162 (Windows users can't compile time package) created by NeilMitchell
The time library got unbundled from GHC 6.10.2. Windows users who don't …
4:16 PM Ticket #3155 (TypeOperators/Rank2Types clash) closed by simonpj
fixed: Ah yes, good point. I've jiggled a bit more. Now you get the good error …
2:21 AM Ticket #3144 (ghc panic) closed by funmler
fixed: Fixed by installing libffi5

Apr 8, 2009:

12:06 PM Ticket #3161 (non-blocking read operations in Chan, Sem, QSem, SampleVar) created by ChrisKuklewicz
The non-blocking "tryTakeMVar" makes MVars useful in solving more …
11:08 AM Ticket #3160 (No exception safety in Control.Concurrent.QSem QSemN and SampleVar) created by ChrisKuklewicz
Looking at the code for QSem, QSemN, and SampleVar shows they all use a …
10:39 AM Ticket #3159 (QSem fails with negative quantities) created by NeilMitchell
The following program should always give 100 (I think). It doesn't: …
10:01 AM Building/MacOSX edited by jsnx
Updated remarks. (diff)
7:56 AM Ticket #3158 (Linker error (libffi.so.5) in 6.10.2 x86-Linux binary distribution) created by guest
Hello, I am running Debian Linux with the following uname(1): Linux …
3:34 AM Ticket #3157 (ghci segmentation fault when computation is interrupted) created by fft1976
This is using Ubuntu 8.04. Both source-compiled and binary (libedit2) show …

Apr 7, 2009:

7:15 PM Ticket #3156 (Error on +RTS kHugeNumber) created by zachk
It is in either 6.10.2 or 6.10.1 I forget which […] p is a shell …
5:38 PM Ticket #3135 (ext-core docs missing from web site) closed by igloo
fixed: Thanks, fixed; and I've added a note to my release checklist, so next time …
11:26 AM Ticket #3150 (Overlapping data instances can segfault) closed by chak
duplicate: Duplicate of #2677. It's a bug in the overlap check. Sorry, didn't get …
9:43 AM Ticket #3155 (TypeOperators/Rank2Types clash) created by MartijnVanSteenbergen
Consider the following piece of code: […] GHC reports: […] …
8:50 AM Internships edited by simonpj
3:52 AM DataParallel/WorkPlan edited by chak
1:04 AM Ticket #3154 (Type families bug with data family instances) closed by elliottt
duplicate: Duplicate of #3150
12:59 AM Ticket #3154 (Type families bug with data family instances) created by elliottt
This data family definition led to the ability to define a generic cast: …

Apr 6, 2009:

9:47 PM Ticket #3153 (Panic on syntactically wrong LANGUAGE pragma) created by b_jonas
I'm getting a panic from runghc. The program I'm compiling has a syntax …
9:33 AM Ticket #3152 (Documentation for getProcessExitCode contains nonsense) created by YitzGale
The documentation for the function getProcessExitCode contains the …
5:54 AM Ticket #3151 (Hello World does not compile (missing Prelude?)) created by fft1976
Note: This is actually 6.10.2 (the Ticket Properties does not give this …
5:47 AM Ticket #1015 (regex001(ghci,threaded1) seg-faults under Solaris) closed by benl
fixed: Mon Apr 6 15:35:13 EST 2009 Ben.Lippmeier@… …
3:39 AM Ticket #3150 (Overlapping data instances can segfault) created by guest
When exploring data families for some fast unboxed tuple representation, …

Apr 5, 2009:

10:35 AM TypeFunctionsSolving edited by chak
7:57 AM Ticket #3071 (Network.Socket.recv throws IOException on reading 0 bytes) closed by tibbe
invalid: Moved to http://trac.haskell.org/network/ticket/7
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