Jan 10, 2009:

8:11 PM Ticket #2939 (Example in library doco for Control.Exception.handle is no longer ...) created by nr
The library documentation for Control.Exception includes an example …
2:53 PM ObjectiveC/Classes edited by chak
2:01 PM Ticket #2584 (Pretty printing of types with HsDocTy goes wrong) closed by waern
fixed: I don't want remove the pretty printing of HsDocTy since it is used …
1:29 PM Building/Prerequisites edited by duncan
mention that python is only needed for the testsuite (diff)
1:23 PM Ticket #2938 (excessive use of stack space with longer source lists) created by rk
ghc does not handle long lists in a good way at the moment compiling the …
1:23 PM ObjectiveC/Messaging edited by chak
12:57 PM ObjectiveC/Messaging edited by chak
12:50 PM ObjectiveC/Classes created by chak
12:48 PM ObjectiveC/MemoryManagement created by chak
12:47 PM ObjectiveC/Naming created by chak
12:45 PM ObjectiveC/Messaging created by chak
12:40 PM ObjectiveC/ForeignDeclarations created by chak
12:35 PM ObjectiveC created by chak
5:50 AM Ticket #2937 (source file that compiled fine fails to recompile after touching it (yes, ...) created by rwbarton
I'm using the development snapshot ghc-6.11.20090107 and ran into a bug …
5:36 AM Ticket #2936 (System.IO.Error needs to be imported unconditionally) created by guest
The recent patch "Avoid using IOError internals" placed import of …

Jan 9, 2009:

10:42 PM Ticket #2935 ("A lazy (~) pattern cannot bind existential type variables" happens for ...) created by ganesh
This program: […] causes this error: […] This doesn't seem like an …
10:31 PM Ticket #2934 (HEAP_ALLOCED() is not thread-safe) created by anish
Hi, I have a program that seems to run into occasional garbage …
9:41 PM Ticket #2932 (Control.Arrow.Quantum, new version which compiles with GHC 6.10) closed by luqui
fixed: Fixed, thanks!
9:35 PM Building/Prerequisites edited by igloo
Need make >= 3.80 (diff)
7:43 PM Ticket #2933 (LDFLAGS ignored by build system) created by duncan
I have required libs installed in /opt/csw/lib which is not on the …
5:25 PM Ticket #2932 (Control.Arrow.Quantum, new version which compiles with GHC 6.10) created by dave@…
The enclosed file contains a version of Quantum.hs with minor changes as …
4:49 PM Ticket #2931 (Template Haskell: Quoting single letter identifier leads to a parse error ...) created by int-e
To reproduce the bug with ghci: […] As a module, the following source …
3:12 PM Ticket #2930 (System.Time.formatCalendarTime: %s isn't the number of seconds since the ...) created by wferi
formatCalendarTime references strftime(3), and man strftime says that …
1:15 PM Ticket #2929 (INFINITY used in .hc files without -std=c99) created by duncan
The C macro INFINITY is apparently defined by the C99 standard. On …
12:50 PM Ticket #2928 (internal error: schedule: invalid what_next field) closed by simonmar
duplicate: Fixed in 6.10.2: see #2818

Jan 8, 2009:

10:55 PM Ticket #2928 (internal error: schedule: invalid what_next field) created by gsan
Test.hs: […] […] This only happens when the program is compiled …
8:10 PM Building/RunningTests edited by duncan
document THREADS and CLEANUP vars (diff)
6:06 PM Ticket #2927 (Bug in network library, uncaught exception when dealing with ipv6 sockets) created by tphyahoo
There is an uncaught exception in the network library which is causing my …
3:41 PM Ticket #2926 (Foreign exported function returns wrong type) created by fasta
I call foo, foreign export ccall foo :: Int -> IO CInt, from C code like …
12:37 PM Ticket #2925 (Linker mmap failure on FreeBSD/x86_64) created by simonmar
We have some experimental fixes in the Linker to work around the lack of …
12:14 PM Ticket #2924 (createDirectory: permission denied) created by simonmar
The following program results in an odd "permission denied" error from …
11:17 AM Ticket #2923 (Documentation contains (broken) links to /home/ian) created by matthijs
The GHC API documentation (and possibly other modules as well) contain …
10:44 AM Ticket #2922 (GHC panic: Non-exhaustive patterns in function printTarget) closed by matthijs
invalid: Oh, I think I just found out what this bug is about. It's simply an error …
10:34 AM Ticket #2922 (GHC panic: Non-exhaustive patterns in function printTarget) created by matthijs
When running ghci or ghc on Translator.hs (given below) and running it, …

Jan 7, 2009:

11:55 PM Ticket #2921 (__GLASGOW_HASKELL__ undefined) created by guest
After manually forcing adding HsFFI.h to the search path of hsc2hs -- …
7:23 PM Ticket #2920 (old-time on hackage is incorrectly packaged) created by dons
old-time is missing its ./configure script: …
3:57 PM Changeset in nofib [e3d6d4d]ghc-7.8shakesupercompiler by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
add fib/forkIO benchmark from haskell-cafe
3:36 PM Changeset in nofib [c88cd7d]ghc-7.8shakesupercompiler by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
add a thread creation/completion + throwTo benchmark
3:10 PM Changeset in nofib [eda8bc6]ghc-7.8shakesupercompiler by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
Add test program from #1589, with some measurements
3:28 AM Ticket #2919 (ghc panic while compiling Crypto) created by wchogg
While compiling the Crypto 4.1.0 library from hackage I received the …

Jan 6, 2009:

8:20 PM Ticket #2918 (Storable alignment for Double is 4) created by guest
The alignment for Double is 4. This makes little sense, it should be 8. …
8:16 PM Ticket #2917 (alloca and allocaArray do not respect alignment) created by guest
When allocating memory with alloca or allocaArray the alignment of the …
7:40 PM Ticket #2916 (Adding "-auto-all" when using "-O2 -prof" causes "<<loop>>") created by BenMoseley
The program below works fine (and outputs "ZeroPmt") when compiled with …
4:52 PM Status/SLPJ-Tickets edited by simonpj
4:51 PM Ticket #2915 (Arity is smaller than need be) created by simonpj
Consider […] where t1 and t2 have arity 1. You'd think that f
2:29 PM Ticket #2914 (RecordWildCards doesn't work with associated datatypes inside class ...) created by ganesh
It seems like record wildcards (the ".." notation) don't work in the …
2:12 PM Ticket #2913 (OldException's catch etc should treat new Exception types as ...) created by igloo
OldException's catch etc should treat new Exception types as …
12:48 PM Ticket #2904 (Broken pipe when quitting "ghc --show-iface file.hi | less") closed by simonmar
duplicate: See #2699

Jan 5, 2009:

5:07 PM RewriteRules/WorkerWrapper edited by AndyGill
5:06 PM RewriteRules/WorkerWrapper edited by AndyGill
5:02 PM RewriteRules/WorkerWrapper created by AndyGill
1:56 PM Status/SLPJ-Tickets edited by simonpj
12:49 PM Ticket #2912 (GHCi bug: bus error when executing some gsl-random code) created by fdeweerdt
When compiling this simple program, the resulting executable runs fine, …
11:59 AM Ticket #2909 (long list of names -> linkBCO: >= 64k insns in BCO) closed by igloo
duplicate: Thanks for the report; this is a duplicate of an older bug, #789.
8:46 AM Ticket #2907 (generalized newtype deriving not working with polymorphic component) closed by simonpj
wontfix: No, sorry, you'll have to write this one by hand! The newtype deriving …
12:37 AM Building/GettingTheSources edited by megacz
bug was closed; patch no longer needed (diff)
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