Dec 26, 2008:

9:33 PM Ticket #2900 (Confusing error message for monadic function with wrong number of ...) created by tim
If I compile the following code: […] I get the error message: […] …
9:28 PM Ticket #2899 (GADT type inference with existentials) created by jochemb
The following code works in GHC 6.8.2: […] The compiler correctly …
5:58 AM Building/MacOSX edited by ozy
Updated information on prerequisites (diff)

Dec 25, 2008:

5:19 AM Ticket #2898 (crash when interpreting) created by nolrai
when I interpret my file Utilities/ChoiceMonad?.hs from ghci-haskline I get …

Dec 24, 2008:

9:50 AM Ticket #2897 (HsFFI.h is not in the default include path for hsc2hs) created by cjs
Using the ghc 6.1.0 package for libedit2 downloaded from the GHC downloads …
7:12 AM Ticket #2896 (Warning suggestion: argument not necessarily a binary operator) created by porges
As an example: […] The suggested warning is that: if an argument to a …
1:27 AM Ticket #2895 (Implement the "Class System Extension" proposal) created by porges
See: http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Class_system_extension_proposal

Dec 23, 2008:

4:31 PM ExplicitCallStack/CorePassImplementation created by TristanAllwood
12:16 PM Ticket #2894 (Documentation for "even" missing) created by NeilMitchell
http://haskell.org/ghc/docs/latest/html/libraries/base/Prelude.html You …
9:41 AM Ticket #2893 (Implement "Quantified contexts" proposal) created by porges
See: http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Quantified_contexts Motivating …
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