Nov 8, 2008:

6:59 PM Ticket #2755 (Broken link in GHC API documentation) created by waern
In the docs for the Exception module, the link to the Exception class goes …
4:30 AM Ticket #2754 (Strictness analyzer fails on an implementation of foldl) created by nimnul
foldB has O(1) complexity, but foldA O(N). Looks like a strictness …

Nov 7, 2008:

11:43 PM Ticket #2753 (GHC 6.10.1 cannot compile Crypto-4.1.0) created by thoughtpolice
While trying to install Crypto, I get this error message with GHC 6.10.1 …
7:18 PM Changeset in testsuite [61f813b]at-defaultsatomicsdata-kind-syntaxencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-deferghc-new-comonad-compno-pred-tyoverlapping-tyfamspatch-4404patch-5014patch-5084tc-untouchablesth-newtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-argumentsunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/th-new by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
TAG GHC 6.10.1 release
10:31 AM Changeset in nofib [e435fd4]ghc-7.8shakesupercompiler by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
Add the GC benchmark suite These are the benchmarks uesd in our ISMM'08 paper on Parallel GC
8:52 AM Ticket #2752 (Parse error in STM.c) created by jputcu
Building failed. * Red Hat 7.3 * ghc-6.6.1 * gcc-2.96 * GNU make-3.80 …
5:33 AM Ticket #2751 (GHC 6.10.1 fails to build with --enable-shared configured on Ubuntu 8.04.) created by guest
To replicate: * unpack the source tar file * unpack the …

Nov 6, 2008:

4:30 PM Ticket #2750 (Bug in Data.Generics) created by guest
Observe the following: […] Probably a pasto in Data.Generics.
4:29 PM Ticket #2749 (No mention of -shared regression in relase docs) closed by simonmar
duplicate: see #2745
2:49 PM Ticket #2749 (No mention of -shared regression in relase docs) created by guest
The -shared flag used to do something useful on Windows, now it just fails …
9:54 AM Changeset in base [fd3cb34]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
add GHC.Conc.runSparks (required by GHC patch "Run sparks in batches")

Nov 5, 2008:

8:37 PM Ticket #2748 (Fundep-laden code compiled and ran fine in 6.8, fails in 6.10) created by sedillard
I was kindly alerted by Ian Lynagh that some code of mine on hackage was …
3:22 PM Ticket #2747 (Excessive Memory Usage: space leak with foldl' on Integer) created by guest
"foldl1' (*) [1..1000000]" for example allocates up to 1.9 GB of Memory in …
10:04 AM Changeset in process [f92e6d5]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
fix .cabal style bugs noticed by Cabal 1.6
9:58 AM Ticket #2746 (Documentation for Haskell 98 modules is empty) created by simonmar
How did this happen? …
9:26 AM Ticket #2745 (ghc -shared broken) created by simonmar
Lennart reports that ghc -shared is broken: […]
7:36 AM Ticket #2744 (Missing requirement check for hsc2hs) created by jputcu
Using ghc-6.6.1 to build ghc-6.10.1 fails because it's missing the hsc2hs …

Nov 4, 2008:

11:06 PM Ticket #2743 (GHC 6.10.1 Win32 release is unusable (on XP SP3)) created by guest
1. Running ghc in cmd.exe shell delivers (in my config): ghc.EXE: panic! …
10:09 PM Ticket #2742 (The -> in ViewPatterns binds more weakly than infix data constructors.) created by guest
The following code, essentially taken from the ViewPatterns page on the …
9:54 PM Ticket #2741 (Delete key not working in GHCi) created by guest
In GHCi 6.10.1, on Ubuntu with libedit 2.11, pressing the delete key …
2:51 PM Ticket #2722 (<<loop> when compiling with -O option with ghc- closed by ross
fixed: It never occurred to me before that using a valid equation as a rule could …
2:45 PM Changeset in base [8ed8e78]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Ross Paterson <ross@…>
FIX #2722: update RULES for the Category/Arrow split The rule arr id = id interacts unpleasantly with the advice to define id = arr id in instances of Category that are also instances of Arrow (#2722). Also changed a couple of >>>'s to .'s in later rules.
1:38 PM Ticket #2740 (free variable not available in debugger) created by phercek
The attached test shows the bugs. Unpack and check the ghci_log.html file …
12:05 PM Ticket #2738 (Regression in type checking of sections in records) closed by igloo
invalid: Thanks for the report. I haven't tried the full program, but this: […] …
11:52 AM Ticket #2739 (GHC API crashes on template haskell splices) created by waern
The GHC API crashes when type checking these two modules: TH.hs: …
3:48 AM Ticket #2738 (Regression in type checking of sections in records) created by dons
Looks like a GHC 6.10 regression. The following code, from …

Nov 3, 2008:

8:14 PM Ticket #2737 (add :tracelocal to ghci debugger to trace only the expressions in a given ...) created by phercek
As there is :steplocal, there should be also :tracelocal. It would keep …
3:05 PM Changeset in ghc [54bee08]ghc-7.8wip/Cabal-1.20wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8776wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compat by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
extra_clean for rename.prog005
3:05 PM Changeset in testsuite [55c4c38]at-defaultsatomicsdata-kind-syntaxencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-deferghc-new-comonad-compno-pred-tyoverlapping-tyfamspatch-4404patch-5014patch-5084tc-untouchablesth-newtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-argumentsunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/th-new by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
extra_clean for rename.prog005
3:03 PM Changeset in ghc [975cb8e]ghc-7.8wip/Cabal-1.20wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8776wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compat by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
extra_clean for T2685
3:03 PM Changeset in testsuite [a03c1a6]at-defaultsatomicsdata-kind-syntaxencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-deferghc-new-comonad-compno-pred-tyoverlapping-tyfamspatch-4404patch-5014patch-5084tc-untouchablesth-newtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-argumentsunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/th-new by Simon Marlow <marlowsd@…>
extra_clean for T2685
2:22 PM Changeset in ghc [011e93b]ghc-7.8wip/Cabal-1.20wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8776wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compat by simonpj <simonpj@…>
Test Trac #2735
2:22 PM Changeset in testsuite [543c4e8a]at-defaultsatomicsdata-kind-syntaxencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-deferghc-new-comonad-compno-pred-tyoverlapping-tyfamspatch-4404patch-5014patch-5084tc-untouchablesth-newtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-argumentsunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/th-new by simonpj <simonpj@…>
Test Trac #2735
11:12 AM Ticket #2735 (ghc panic with Haskell 98 program (applyTypeToArgs?)) closed by simonpj
fixed: Fixed by […] Thanks for the report. Simon
6:39 AM Ticket #2736 (Add bool to Data.Bool) created by guest
The function either is in Data.Either and maybe is in Data.Maybe. The …
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