Feb 9, 2008:

11:11 PM ExtensibleRecords edited by barney
7:46 PM Ticket #2086 (Fix test openFile008(ghci) by changing testlib.py to apply cmd_prefix also ...) created by thorkilnaur
The test openFile008(ghci) currently fails on PPC Mac OS X 10.4 as …
2:06 AM Ticket #2085 (cabal uses haddock from hard-coded location) created by Frederik
I don't know if this is a feature or a bug. It seems that cabal doesn't …
12:29 AM Ticket #1936 (When lazy IO blocks, it blocks the whole runtime) closed by igloo
fixed: Merged
12:29 AM Ticket #2049 (GHCi doesn't fully load previously broken modules) closed by igloo
fixed: Merged

Feb 8, 2008:

10:38 PM Ticket #2084 (GHC panic) created by stimberm
GHC crashed with the following output, but I don't know what this is …
9:13 PM Ticket #2083 (linker reports missing symbols Main.c:(.text+0x12): undefined reference to ...) created by Andrew U. Frank
i use 6.8.2 on linux (ubuntu 7.10). i use mainly eclipse and ghci, but …
6:27 PM Ticket #2082 (In ghci, :i leaves out parens in type) created by chad.scherrer
In ghci, :i sometimes leaves out parentheses in the type. For example, in …
3:29 PM Ticket #1838 (do not use getEnv "HOME", use System.Directory.getHomeDirectory) closed by igloo
fixed: Both merged
3:28 PM Ticket #2047 (ghc compiled program crashes with segfault when using -M and/or -c) closed by igloo
fixed: Merged
7:16 AM Ticket #2081 (GHC reports internal error: stg_ap_v_ret) created by thorkilnaur
On a PPC Mac OS X 10.4 running […] to spend some resources, in about …

Feb 7, 2008:

7:19 PM Changeset in base [15d56a4]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Don Stewart <dons@…>
whitespace only
6:39 PM Changeset in base [df5b214]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Don Stewart <dons@…>
Whitespace only
2:14 PM Ticket #2080 (Bug in CmmOpt) created by simonmar
Two bugs are demonstrated by the following code. The first one is wrong …
12:33 PM Ticket #2079 (GHC 6.8.* doesn't recognize type variables) created by daniel.is.fischer
The module […] triggers the following error in ghci (6.8.1 and 6.8.2): …

Feb 6, 2008:

1:19 PM Building/RunningTests edited by simonmar
update (diff)
10:25 AM Ticket #2078 (INLINE and strictness) created by simonpj
Consider this code […] At the moment the body of foo is not …
9:23 AM Ticket #2077 (GHC ignores pragma due to preceding comment) closed by simonmar
duplicate: Thanks for the report - we already have this one as #1736

Feb 5, 2008:

9:59 PM Ticket #2077 (GHC ignores pragma due to preceding comment) created by tbh
GHC ignores a {-# OPTIONS -fglasgow-exts #-} pragma because …
5:06 PM Ticket #1537 (do notation translation) reopened by simonpj
OK here's a fix: […] Probably worth merging, hence re-opening. I hope …
5:04 PM Ticket #2070 (Record field selectors are not optimized) closed by simonpj
fixed: This patch should fix it […] No need to merge to the 6.8 branch. I'm …
2:54 PM Changeset in directory [2a9e028]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8patch-5014 by Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>
make this test work on Windows I have no idea why it worked before
11:28 AM ExtensibleRecords edited by simonpj
10:39 AM Changeset in base [98f5891]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>
FIX dynamic001 dynamic002: isTupleTyCon had rotted In the patch "Tuple tycons have parens around their names", the names of the tuple tycons were changed to include parens, but isTupleTyCon was not updated to match, which made tuple types show as "(,) a b" rather than "(a,b)"
6:28 AM Ticket #2076 (rational infinities don't compare correctly to each other) created by uhollerbach
Let pinf = 1%0, and ninf = (-1)%0; then (min ninf pinf) is correctly …

Feb 4, 2008:

10:31 PM Ticket #2075 (hpc should render information about the run in its html markup) created by dons
To check if a generated coverage test is up to date, it would be useful to …
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