Jan 27, 2008:

11:06 PM Ticket #2067 (ALUT fails to build on Mac OS X) created by guest
Sound.ALUT ( does not build on Mac OS X: It misses the C header …
3:32 PM Ticket #2066 (Building 6.9 with 6.4.1 fails) created by pejo
Building GHC 6.9 (20080126 snapshot) with 6.4.1 fails on …

Jan 26, 2008:

9:10 PM Ticket #2062 (hpc markup: Prelude.foldr1: empty list) closed by AndyGill
7:37 PM Ticket #2065 (QuickCheck: coarbitrary for Double and Float is broken.) created by jedbrown
The coarbitrary definition for these types is incompatible with the way …

Jan 25, 2008:

10:58 PM Licensing edited by tim
avoid passive voice -- it's really important here to be clear who is … (diff)
3:34 PM Internships edited by simonpj
3:21 PM Ticket #2064 (problems with duplicate modules) created by Frederik
Hello, I just noticed the following minor issue. I have a cabal file which …
3:15 PM Licensing created by simonmar
first cut
2:00 PM WorkingConventions/FixingBugs edited by simonmar
1:57 PM GettingStarted edited by simonmar
10:37 AM Ticket #987 (X11: foreign declarations use Haskell types instead of C ones) closed by simonmar
fixed: I believe this was done last year. The X11 package has the following …
10:29 AM Ticket #784 (defining type of returned value) closed by simonmar
fixed: This module now reports an error in 6.8.2: […] So it appears to be …
12:09 AM Ticket #2063 (x86_64: RTS linker depends on working MAP_32BIT) created by dons
GHC head since the 6.8 split back in October, is broken on OpenBSD, due to …

Jan 24, 2008:

4:42 PM Ticket #911 (Better information about the location of exceptions) closed by simonmar
fixed: The User's Guide has a section on "Debugging Exceptions". I also improved …
4:26 PM Ticket #1368 (Use filepath in GHC) closed by igloo
fixed: Now done in the HEAD.
4:17 PM Building/Porting edited by felixmar
"make hc-file-bundle Project=Ghc" wants Parser.hs from extralibs (diff)
4:15 PM Internships edited by simonmar
10:11 AM Ticket #482 ('Bug' when installing GHC 6.4.1) closed by simonmar
wontfix: Closing, as this appears to be not our bug.
9:22 AM Changeset in base [52a9458]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>
FIX #1936: hGetBufNonBlocking was blocking on stdin/stdout/stderr
9:12 AM Changeset in base [05af852]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>
The default uncaught exception handler was adding an extra \n

Jan 23, 2008:

2:41 PM Changeset in process [f4a4962]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Ross Paterson <ross@…>
new-style haddock attribute
2:36 PM Ticket #1987 (GHCi's config file in <AppData>\ghc folder on Windows) closed by simonmar
fixed: See #1838
1:12 PM Changeset in base [4aef249]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>
add comment about lack of _chsize_s()
1:10 PM Ticket #2062 (hpc markup: Prelude.foldr1: empty list) created by jedbrown
While testing code coverage for my new package, I noticed this. […]
10:36 AM Ticket #2061 (ghc-pkg loops on mutually recursive package dependencies) closed by simonmar
duplicate: Thanks for the report, we already have a ticket for this one: #1750.
10:34 AM Ticket #2060 (Unknown opcode 10904) closed by simonmar
duplicate: Thanks for the report. This was a bug in GHC 6.6 (see #1013), please …
10:29 AM Changeset in base [260c3a0]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>
Windows: large file support for hFileSize and hSeek (#1771)
6:27 AM GhcPapers edited by tim
typo (diff)
1:34 AM Ticket #1312 (runghc doesn't respect -main-is) closed by igloo
fixed: OK, this is now done in 6.8 and HEAD, but you need to escape the argument …

Jan 22, 2008:

11:29 PM Ticket #2061 (ghc-pkg loops on mutually recursive package dependencies) created by trevor
If you have two packages installed, A and B, with a dependency from B to …
10:17 PM Ticket #2060 (Unknown opcode 10904) created by ezrakilty
I got this error working with ghci just now. Contrary to what it says, I'm …
4:59 PM Changeset in directory [b66b329]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8patch-5014 by Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>
canonicalizePath should also do System.FilePath.normalise The example I've found where this is necessary is on Windows: canonicalizePath on its own doesn't upper-case the drive letter, but normalise does.
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