Aug 20, 2007:

9:04 PM Ticket #1549 (ghc derives different type signature for equal functions with overlapping ...) closed by simonpj
fixed: OK, I've committed the documentation fix, and am closing the bug. Thanks …
1:24 PM Ticket #1512 (NCG to handle cyclic fixups for rematching register assignment for jump ...) closed by simonmar
fixed: Already done: […]
12:44 PM Ticket #1621 (GHCi wrong execution time report) created by guest
Hello, using latest GHC 6.6.1 binary package for windows, I've received …
10:34 AM Ticket #1562 (ghci crashes on startup) closed by igloo
worksforme: Reporter says: […]

Aug 19, 2007:

11:31 PM Changeset in unix [06f9c30]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Ross Paterson <ross@…>
get the SIG constants for ourselves, rather than relying on HsBaseConfig.h
7:09 PM Ticket #1620 (Bug in debugger 6.7.20070817) created by guest
Somehow the following came up: * Exception: ModBreaks.modBreaks_array …
7:39 AM Changeset in unix [f0be933]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by ijones@…>
add cross-referencing between posix and process modules
1:50 AM Ticket #1286 (GHC infelicity list has not been updated since the switch to UTF-8 sources) closed by igloo
fixed: Docs updated, thanks!
1:49 AM Ticket #1462 (runghc is undocumented) closed by igloo
fixed: I've added some basic docs.

Aug 18, 2007:

11:35 PM Ticket #1619 (The RTS chokes on SIGPIPE (happens with runInteractiveCommand)) created by int-e
Consider the following code. […] This program, when run with a large …
5:53 PM Ticket #1618 (It it not possible to manage the output codification.) created by guest
I am working with GHC, version 6.6 of 64 bits, under Ubuntu Linux 7.04 …
4:20 PM Ticket #1565 (using :r with argument destroys bindings) closed by igloo
fixed: Pushed.
4:20 PM Ticket #1587 (":i (->)" doesn't work) closed by igloo
fixed: Pushed.
12:36 AM Ticket #1482 (unsafeCoerce# doesn't always fully coerce) closed by igloo
invalid: Defaulting only happens in H98 if you have a Num constraint. If you use …
12:19 AM Ticket #1454 (Confusing or bug: :t and :i don't return same type) closed by igloo
invalid: Here's a self-contained example: […] […] This seems entirely …

Aug 17, 2007:

10:55 PM Ticket #1552 (GHCi thinks large list literals impossible?) closed by igloo
duplicate: Duplicate of #789.
10:47 PM Ticket #1529 (GC abort) closed by igloo
invalid: No response from the submitter for a month and we don't know who it is, …
8:38 PM Ticket #1563 (-Onot is not described in the GHC User's Guide, Version 6.6.1) closed by igloo
wontfix: It's a synonym for -O0, i.e. "do not optimise". As it's not documented at …
3:57 PM Ticket #1615 (Profiling with -hy, -hd, -hr segfaults) closed by igloo
fixed: Fixed by: […]
3:52 PM Ticket #1577 (Give TH the ability to get the info for a class name) closed by igloo
invalid: Looks like this already works to me. Please reopen if I'm wrong.

Aug 16, 2007:

11:51 AM Ticket #1617 (:types <module> (or :browse! <module>) - browse plain types, not in ...) created by claus
currently, :browse <module> pretty prints types in context, which is good …
10:00 AM Ticket #1616 (segfault in generated file when using NOINLINE) created by guest
Compiling and running the attached file produces a segmentation fault. The …

Aug 15, 2007:

9:33 PM Ticket #1615 (Profiling with -hy, -hd, -hr segfaults) created by igloo
I haven't looked for a small testcase yet, but: […] Plain old -h works …
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