Jul 4, 2007:

10:27 PM Ticket #1496 (Newtypes and type families combine to produce inconsistent FC(X) axiom ...) created by sorear
Given: […] We generate the axioms: […] And can prove: […] …
9:20 PM Ticket #1495 (newtype fixpoint sends the compiler into an infinite loop) created by guest
I was playing around with some edge cases in the type system and hit an …
7:00 PM Ticket #1454 (Confusing or bug: :t and :i don't return same type) closed by igloo
worksforme: Please reopen this bug if you (anyone) finds a testcase.
3:41 PM Commentary/Compiler/CPS edited by Michael D. Adams
Added section on loopholes in the (diff)
3:36 PM Ticket #1035 (Win32 package doesn't appear in the online library docs) closed by igloo
fixed: I did this for the 6.6.1 release, and it's now a step in the release …
3:11 PM Ticket #1494 (panic! (the 'impossible' happened)) created by iampure@…
After hours of reducing my code, I finally was able to make a small test …
2:01 PM Ticket #1493 (Int with Prelude-functions works, but Integer with generic-list-functions ...) created by guest
Hello, I've written a program for fast online multiplication of real …
12:27 PM Ticket #1492 (It's impossible to get the ghc source with darcs on windows) created by guest
Annoyingly darcs crashes every time I try to get the ghc sources. This is …
12:15 PM Ticket #1491 (Extension RecordWildCards is broken) created by guest
The -XRecordWildCards extension is broken (unlike the patch I sent :)). …
11:42 AM Ticket #1490 (Install with Cabal broken on Windows) created by guest
After building a Cabal package with ghc 2007-07-02 I tried to install it. …
10:49 AM Ticket #1131 (newArray_ allocates an array full of garbage) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed: […]
10:41 AM Ticket #1489 (Impossible happened) created by iampure@…
ghc-6.7.20070702: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) (GHC version …
10:20 AM Changeset in base [42acd5e]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>
FIX #1131 (newArray_ allocates an array full of garbage) Now newArray_ returns a deterministic result in the ST monad, and behaves as before in other contexts. The current newArray_ is renamed to unsafeNewArray_; the MArray class therefore has one more method than before.

Jul 3, 2007:

8:47 PM Ticket #1488 (Code that won't ever be executed should not give rise to constraints) created by iampure@…
In the code […] ghci derives: […] which is correct, but I think the …
4:17 PM Ticket #1456 (Wrong type being derived) closed by simonpj
fixed: Good bug, thank you. Fixed. There was a rather subtle bug in the way …
4:07 PM Ticket #1425 (Print operator types as infix) closed by simonpj
fixed: Done! Simon
2:56 PM Changeset in ghc [1e793a1]at-defaultsatomicsbetter-ho-cardinalitycardinalitycoerciblecoloured-corecpr-sum-typescrosscross-compiler-alienlessdata-kind-syntaxdecision-procedureencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8ghc-axiomsghc-constraint-solverghc-deferghc-lwc2ghc-new-coghc-new-flavorghc-parmake-gsocghc-spjimp-param-classknown-key-serializationlate-dmdlate-lam-liftlocal-gcmonad-compnew-demand-to-mergenewcgno-pred-tyoverlapping-tyfamsprofilingreal-src-loc-spansdocsilent-sc-argssimdsrclocsupercompilertc-arrowstc-untouchablesth-newth-new-7.6ticky-for-all-letstype-holes-branchtype-natstype-nats-simpleunboxed-tuple-argumentsunboxed-tuple-arguments2wip/Cabal-1.20wip/T4404wip/T5084wip/T7704wip/T8545-ghc-7.8wip/T8592wip/T8776wip/T8995-level-generalisationwip/cbv-conv-thunkwip/common-contextwip/cpr-vs-jpwip/exprAritywip/nested-cprwip/pattern-synonymswip/recurs-compatwip/simdwip/th-new by Clemens Fruhwirth <clemens@…>
windres to use the gcc given as --with-cc.
2:43 PM ReportABug edited by simonpj
1:06 PM Ticket #1485 (-fno-monomorphism-restriction -fallow-undecidable-instances do not play ...) closed by iampure@…
fixed: Fixed in 6.7.20070702
10:52 AM Building/QuickStart edited by guest
10:52 AM Changeset in unix [fed4894]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Simon Marlow <simonmar@…>
disable the getLoginName test, see #1487
10:51 AM Ticket #1487 (unix package: test needed for getLoginName) created by simonmar
I disabled the test for getLoginName in unix/tests/user001 because …
10:45 AM Ticket #1361 (When trying to run yi, it fails to compile main, and exits with an error) closed by jpbernardy
10:40 AM Ticket #722 (Adrian Hey's StringMap library in the collections package.) closed by jpbernardy
10:39 AM Ticket #721 (Write Data.Trie) closed by jpbernardy
9:57 AM Ticket #1485 (-fno-monomorphism-restriction -fallow-undecidable-instances do not play ...) reopened by iampure@…
On my version of ghc-6.6.1 this does not work.

Jul 2, 2007:

8:54 PM Ticket #1486 (utcToLocalTime converting in the wrong direction on Windows) created by Olivier Boudry
I found a strange UTC to Local Time conversion bug on the Windows version …
8:40 PM Ticket #1485 (-fno-monomorphism-restriction -fallow-undecidable-instances do not play ...) closed by iampure@…
fixed: This was reported for 6.6.0. It is reportedly fixed in 6.6.1.
8:20 PM Ticket #1485 (-fno-monomorphism-restriction -fallow-undecidable-instances do not play ...) created by iampure@…
I made a complete test case, because I care about this bug.
3:03 PM Changeset in base [08788d4]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Malcolm.Wallace@…>
change nhc98 option from -prelude to --prelude
1:40 PM ReportABug edited by igloo
1:29 PM ReportABug created by igloo
9:54 AM Changeset in process [f2befd1]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8 by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Use filepath rather than System.Directory.Internals
9:43 AM Ticket #1472 (undefined reference to `ZCMain_main_CAF_cc') reopened by greenrd
But this version is three months newer than the version which fixed #249, …
9:30 AM Ticket #1484 (gcc installation problem?) closed by simonmar
duplicate: dup of #1110
9:28 AM Ticket #1471 (-ddump-cmm doesn't escape non-ascii/non-printable characters) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed: […]
9:24 AM Ticket #1472 (undefined reference to `ZCMain_main_CAF_cc') closed by simonmar
duplicate: dup of #249
6:22 AM BuildBot edited by Vs
typo (diff)
6:16 AM Ticket #1484 (gcc installation problem?) created by guest
Under windows vista 32-bit and a clean install I cannot compile 'hello …
6:11 AM Ticket #1483 (vista: GHCi not loading 80% of the time) created by guest
Running windows vista 32-bit, trying to run GHCi it randomly does not …

Jul 1, 2007:

10:25 PM Changeset in directory [1e7b1d5]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8patch-5014 by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Ooops, we don't have dropDrive Without it we sometimes do a redundant directory creation attempt, but no harm should be done.
9:33 PM Ticket #1482 (unsafeCoerce# doesn't always fully coerce) created by yeoh@…
[…] e1 coerces fine, even with the Num constraint, but …
6:52 PM Ticket #1481 (standalone deriving) created by igloo
Simon Peyton Jones, in …
6:43 PM Ticket #1480 (Template Haskell should allow reification of modules) created by igloo
It should be possible to reify a module from a splice. If the module is …
3:42 PM Ticket #1479 (Merge GHC's hsc2hs with http://darcs.haskell.org/hsc2hs) created by igloo
GHC's hsc2hs should be merged with http://darcs.haskell.org/hsc2hs, and …
1:52 PM Ticket #1478 (Flag to get information about the compiler and RTS) created by igloo
There should be a flag +RTS -foo that prints info including: * The …
1:09 PM Ticket #1477 (ghci shouldn't link entire package) created by igloo
In this thread: …
11:53 AM Ticket #1476 (Template Haskell: splicing types and patterns) created by igloo
In …
11:43 AM Ticket #1475 (Adding imports and exports with Template Haskell) created by igloo
(wished for by Adrian Hey in …
11:25 AM Ticket #1474 (With -fglasgow-exts add option to show simpler types.) created by iampure@…
Instead of showing forall a b c d e f (t1 :: * -> * -> *) (t2 :: * -> *). …
11:11 AM Ticket #1473 (isSpace is too slow) created by igloo
In the thread starting …
12:57 AM Ticket #1472 (undefined reference to `ZCMain_main_CAF_cc') created by greenrd
When building my project with profiling, and using a makefile, it works …
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Jun 30, 2007:

4:38 PM Ticket #1471 (-ddump-cmm doesn't escape non-ascii/non-printable characters) created by SamB
For instance, the string literal {{{"\102\232\13\0Hello, …
12:52 PM Changeset in directory [6381246]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8patch-5014 by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Use filepath rather than our own System.Directory.Internals
10:58 AM Changeset in directory [30c6a57a]encodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8patch-5014 by Ian Lynagh <igloo@…>
Add makeRelativeToCurrentDirectory Moved from the filepath package, which we now depend on.

Jun 29, 2007:

6:58 PM Ticket #1470 (Overlapping (etc) instances) created by igloo
This self-contained module: […] gives this error in the HEAD (and a …
6:27 PM Ticket #1469 (GHC suggests -fglasgow-exts, and not {-# LANGUAGE #-} pragmas or ...) created by SamB
Instead of: […] I'd like to see something like: […] I'm not sure …
12:20 PM Changeset in base [c3aaf44]data-proxydbcsencodingghc-7.2ghc-7.4ghc-7.6ghc-7.8imp-param-classmonad-compsupercompilertype-reasoningwindows-iocp by Malcolm.Wallace@…>
Word is a type synonym in nhc98 - so class instance not permitted.
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