Jun 30, 2006:

11:40 AM Ticket #808 (Move the GHC Commentary to the wiki) created by simonmar
There's a bunch of invaluable documentation on the innards of GHC in the …

Jun 29, 2006:

2:09 PM Ticket #608 (Make the NCG able to compile the RTS) closed by simonmar
fixed: Now done.
10:14 AM Attic/BeginnersNotes edited by guest

Jun 28, 2006:

12:40 PM Ticket #807 (glibc double free error when running program compiled for profiling with ...) created by amiddelk@…
After compiling a Haskell program for profiling, running the program with …

Jun 27, 2006:

4:52 PM Hackathon edited by guest
12:20 PM JobAdvert edited by simonmar
note deadline has now passed (diff)
12:18 PM WikiStart edited by simonmar
remove job advert (diff)
5:52 AM Ticket #806 (hGetBufNonBlocking doesn't work on Windows) created by titto@…
All HAppS (http://happs.org/HAppS/README.html) applications fail with an …
4:49 AM Hackathon edited by guest
12:39 AM Hackathon edited by guest
add Mark Tullsen; couple wibbles. (diff)

Jun 26, 2006:

11:43 PM Ticket #805 (Too many workers; runaway worker creation?) created by lipeng@…
See the attached code. Use "make" to compile and you should get an …
7:09 PM Hackathon edited by guest
1:42 PM Ticket #804 (Signal handlers always installed, evem in a DLL) created by guest
Even when building a DLL the GHC runtime system will install signal …
1:36 PM Ticket #803 (malloc() without free()) created by guest
The GHC runtime system contains a lot of malloc()s without any …
10:57 AM Ticket #802 (Allow two packages to use the same module name) created by simonpj
See GhcPackages?
10:52 AM Commentary/Packages/GhcPackagesProposal edited by simonpj
10:29 AM Commentary/Packages/GhcPackagesProposal created by simonpj

Jun 25, 2006:

11:59 PM Ticket #801 (random list from randomseed ... amd64 differs) created by caaadar
I have the following: […] randomList 2342 on Linux/amd64 differs from …
4:14 PM Hackathon edited by guest
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