Jan 4, 2006:

11:15 PM Ticket #646 (ASSERT fails on newtype + forall) created by guest
The following module causes an ASSERT failure in the HEAD version of ghc …
3:59 PM Ticket #342 (GHC: panic! (compiler bug?)) closed by simonmar
worksforme: We haven't managed to find a reproducible test case for this one, so …
11:51 AM Ticket #644 (Non-exhaustive patterns in function zip_ty_env) closed by simonpj
fixed: Fixed, thank you. Simon
10:46 AM Ticket #645 (Make tick interval configurable) created by simonmar
The hardwired tick interval of 0.02 seconds is too long. We should make …

Jan 3, 2006:

4:16 PM Ticket #642 (ghci 6.5 (HEAD) starts with wrong module in scope) closed by simonmar
fixed: Fixed, thanks.
3:30 PM Ticket #644 (Non-exhaustive patterns in function zip_ty_env) created by simonmar
The following code: […] Produces this panic: […]
3:09 PM Ticket #641 (Cross platform repeatable RTS) closed by simonmar
fixed: Now fixed, in both HEAD and STABLE. There was a problem with the state in …

Jan 1, 2006:

8:47 PM Ticket #643 (div and mod return wrong result) closed by Lemmih
invalid: That's because '-10 div 3' is parsed as '- (10 div 3)'. Writing '(-10) …
8:34 PM Ticket #643 (div and mod return wrong result) created by anonymous
According to the Haskell 98 report, div is supposed to round down to …
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