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Better type error messages

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Generating better type-error messages is a hoary chestnut, but Herbert brought my attention to this thread on reddit, which has the following idea.

At the moment, from

module Foo where
  addThree = \x -> x + 3 :: Int
  y = addThree $ Just 5

we get this error:

    Couldn't match expected type `Int' with actual type `Maybe a0'
    In the return type of a call of `Just'
    In the second argument of `($)', namely `Just 5'
    In the expression: addThree $ Just 5

Maybe we could generate this instead

  inferred: "Just 5" has type "Maybe a0" 
  expected: second argument of "($)" must have type "Int"
  in the expression: addThree $ Just 5

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comment:1 Changed 15 months ago by thoughtpolice

I like this, and think the second set of output reads much, much better. Bonus points: use ANSI terminal colors to highlight some key words in the output, such as "Warning" or "Error" should they exist.

Lennart also makes an observation about the way the Mu Haskell compiler handles this:

comment:2 Changed 15 months ago by hvr

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comment:3 Changed 15 months ago by schyler

Here's an error that a noob making a subtle typo might get from GHC:

Prelude> map 1 [1..5]

    Could not deduce (Num (a0 -> b))
      arising from the ambiguity check for ‛it’
    from the context (Num (a -> b), Num a, Enum a)
      bound by the inferred type for ‛it’:
                 (Num (a -> b), Num a, Enum a) => [b]
      at <interactive>:2:1-12
    The type variable ‛a0’ is ambiguous
    When checking that ‛it’
      has the inferred type ‛forall a b.
                             (Num (a -> b), Num a, Enum a) =>
    Probable cause: the inferred type is ambiguous

I wholeheartedly agree that the information needs to be presented in a way that's easier to digest.

For what should be a really simple error, I really have to stare that down to understand what it's actually trying to say ...

Wanted: Num a => a -> b
Got: Num a => a
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comment:4 Changed 15 months ago by nomeata

Despite the very general ticket title, let’s not confalte multiple errors. The original ticket was a about a type mismatch (inferred vs. expected). The example by schlyer is about an ambiguous type in the GHCi prompt. Note that with some more instances added, map 1 [1..5] would type check!

comment:5 Changed 5 weeks ago by thomie

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This seems like a nice and easy ticket to handle by a newcomer.

The function to change is misMatchMsg in compiler/typecheck/TcErrors.hs.

Don't forget to update the expected test output. Use 'make accept', see Building/RunningTests/Updating. Please make sure you get all of them (grep for the old error message).

comment:6 Changed 3 weeks ago by thomie

It seems this ticket is not as easy to fix as I thought it would be. See:

comment:7 Changed 3 weeks ago by goldfire

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Yes, I don't think this is easy, precisely for the reasons described in that post.

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