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#8650 new bug

Unexpected behaviour of import ccall "header.h function"

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Component: Compiler Version: 7.6.3
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When I write

foreign import ccall "myheader.h myfunction" function :: IO ...

Is GHC supposed to check the existence of the header file, or do anything with it?

Because I can still write "myheaderBLA.h myfunction" and it doesn't care about the first word (no error, ever, not even in linking, executable builds all fine).

Relatedly, I can write

foreign import ccall "some.rubbish" f :: IO ...

and as long as "some.rubbish" contains a dot, nothin in the system will ever complain.

carter suggested that maybe names with a dot inside are ignored by a linker.

This leads me to the question: In my example above, is myheaderBLA.h actually understood as some kind of file and ignored by e.g. GHC, or is it a garbled symbol name? In that case, why does suggest ccall "string.h strlen"? In the other case, why would it suggest this if the "string.h" part is ignored?

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comment:1 Changed 3 months ago by carter

so does ghc currently not check if the header file is visible among the enumerated include dirs when compiling the ffi binding?

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