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Auto-Reference ticket-related branches in tickets

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This has two possible implementations (and both are useful and can complement each other):

  • Add a new field to the description „Related branch“. If for ticket #1234 there is a branch matching T1234 (usually something like wip/T1234), link it from there.
  • When such a branch is created or deleted, post a message to the ticket. This way subscribers know about a possible ongoing implementation, and can review it.

These should link somewhere I believe<branchname> is the most useful link.

If the link is part of the „branch created“ message, it will become dangling after the branch is closed (presumably because the feature was merged; then the actually commits, if they reference the bug, will be auto-linked). I don’t think this is a problem. But if that is a problem, only put the link in the “Related branches” field, and clear it when the branch is deleted.

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