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ghc-pkg prevents dynamic library only packages

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GHC supports compiling Haskell libraries as dynamic libraries and building executables against dynamic libraries. GHCi seems to support loading modules from dynamic libraries, too. So it would seem that it should be possible to have packages that only include dynamic libraries, omitting the .a and .o files typically generated.

cabal-install allows building dynamic libraries only, for example with the command "cabal install --disable-library-vanilla --enable-shared --disable-library-profiling". However, ghc-pkg register refuses to install the package without the .a files present. This seems to be a bug with ghc-pkg.

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comment:1 Changed 6 months ago by AndreasVoellmy

I can provide a patch to ghc-pkg to change how it validates packages. However, before I do this, I would like someone to verify that a dynamic-library only package is reasonable and should be allowed. Things seem to work correctly for me if I allow it, but maybe I just got lucky on my platform.

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