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Feature Request : Qualified module exports

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I quite like the practice of using -XNoImplicitPrelude and then defining my own (often per-project) Prelude doing things like:

module MyProject.Prelude
    ( module P
import Data.Text as P (Text)
import Prelude as P hiding (head, init, tail, last)

As an extension to the above idea, I would like to add qualified module exports defined so that I can do this:

module MyProject.Prelude
    ( module P
    , qualified module T
import Data.Text as P (Text)
import Prelude as P hiding (head, init, tail, last)
import qualified Data.Text as T

so that any file which imports MyProject.Prelude will then have all the identifiers that they would normally get if they did:

import qualified Data.Text as T

Is this something that would have to go through the Haskell Next procedure? If so, how does one get that kicked off?

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The original links to the mailing list have bit rotted but the emails are available at in the thread titled "Best practices for modular programming in Haskell".

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I've started documenting this proposal here:

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This may be the new location for that discussion:

Could someone please fix the mailing list links!

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