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#7768 closed bug (fixed)

"untracked content" in fresh clone of haskeline

Reported by: goldfire Owned by:
Priority: normal Milestone: 7.8.1
Component: Build System Version: 7.7
Keywords: Cc: pho@…
Operating System: MacOS X Architecture: Unknown/Multiple
Type of failure: None/Unknown Difficulty: Unknown
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This sequence of events happened today:

~> git clone; cd ghc; ./sync-all --testsuite get
~/ghc> git status
# On branch master
# Changes not staged for commit:
#   (use "git add <file>..." to update what will be committed)
#   (use "git checkout -- <file>..." to discard changes in working directory)
#   (commit or discard the untracked or modified content in submodules)
#	modified:   libraries/haskeline (untracked content)
no changes added to commit (use "git add" and/or "git commit -a")
~/ghc> cd libraries/haskeline
~/ghc/libraries/haskeline> git status
# Not currently on any branch.
# Untracked files:
#   (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)
#	"tests/dummy-I\314\202\302\274I\314\202\302\261I\314\210\302\203/"
nothing added to commit but untracked files present (use "git add" to track)

It seems harmless, but I can't seem to make the problem go away. I'm on a Mac.

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comment:4 Changed 8 months ago by goldfire

This seems related to the funny folder name visible here:

I can also say that the problem happens on MacOS 10.8.4 but not 10.7.5.

comment:5 Changed 6 months ago by judahj

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It seems there was a bad import of the filenames from darcs into git. I've fixed the issue by renaming the files in git to their proper UTF-8 encoding:

comment:6 Changed 6 months ago by Herbert Valerio Riedel <hvr@…>

In c4d5289d1c6e453a07bc1240634579b09ef66632/ghc:

Sync up to `haskeline` upstream's HEAD

This contains the Haskeline commit fixing #7768

Signed-off-by: Herbert Valerio Riedel <>
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