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GHC typing too constrained

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for the following program:

  module Bug where

  f :: Maybe Bool
  f = g ()

  g () = do { f; error "bug?" }

If I ask ghci (version: 6.4.1) what the type of g is, it says:

*Bug> :t g
g :: () -> Maybe Bool

However, I think it should be:

Bug> :t g
g :: () -> Maybe a

as reported by Hugs (version: March 2005).

I first thought this was a monomorphism-restriction gotcha, but g is obviously a function, not a constant. And Hugs reports the more general expected type anyhow.

I'm curious to see if this is a real bug or some weird interaction with ghci..

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This isn't a bug; Hugs is implementing an extension to Haskell 98 called "relaxed dependency analysis", see

GHC 6.4.x doesn't implement this extension, but GHC 6.6 will (note that you need -fglasgow-exts).

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