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Heap profiling: time tag format

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If you enable heap profiling and then use hp2ps to generate a graph it occasionally reports records out of order. The reason is the time tag at the beginning and end of each record, which is printed with two decimal places. When the time reaches an integer number of seconds it is printed as e.g. 6.100 instead of 7.00. hp2ps interprets this as 6.1 seconds.

This applies to at least 6.4, 6.4.1 and 6.4.2. I've seen it on Windows, but I expect it applies to other OSes as well.

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I note that this is a dupe of 664. But that was marked as fixed. I'm afraid its not fixed.

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Resolution: fixed
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Thanks. #664 was fixed, but the fix was not merged into the 6.4 branch (an oversight on my part).

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